PDF | This article examines Malek Bennabi’s concept of civilisation and its equation. It undertakes a conceptual approach to Bennabi’s analysis. Bin Nabi, Malik. (d. ). Algerian thinker and writer. Wrote over twenty books on Islamic, cultural, societal, and developmental issues. Produced all his books. Malek (Malik) Bennabi played a considerable role in the development of Islamic political, cultural, and religious thought and discourse during the 20th century.

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This entry has no external links. Retrieved 30 September On the social level, it would lead to what we have elsewhere called takdis heaping-up. From a historical point of view, Malik Bennabi describes, in his memoirs, the period of his birth as a point of linking, or more exactly a point of contact and a period of transition between two historical stages, he says: These studies proved to be formative and influential in the shaping of his political, religious, and sociological thought.

Malek Bennabi – – Dar El Oumma. He was only nine years old. Yih-Hsien Yu – – Philosophy and Culture 35 6: Bennabi viewed man as the major factor in civilization, and his culture as determining his activities and attitudes in life.

There, in Qussantina, Malik Bennabi found the opportunity to know and communicate more with his grandfather, who had returned from Tarabuls al Gharb after the Italian invasion of Libya.

I heard from her a lot of religious fables which were mainly focused on the right and wrong and the consequences of both, i. He wrote multiple ebnnabi detailing his childhood and education in both France and Egypt. How should one observe contemporary Islamic movements considering Bennabi and his influence?


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MALEK (mALIK) Bennabi: Thinker, Philosopher, Revivalist – Home

Cornelis Willem Rietdijk – – Van Gorcum. If that system were to change in one way or another, all other social characteristics would follow suit and adapt in the same direction.

Andrew Targowski – – Dialogue and Universalism 21 1: Though he died inhis influence lived on beyond his years and influenced the formation of various groups and societies, including the Islamic Salvation Front in What prompted Bennabi to found the al-Qiyam discussion group? He mostly supported the idea of an Islamic commonwealth, a notion that proved to be especially controversial when he developed and founded the al-Qiyam discussion group in He seemed to be more interested in the decline of Muslim civilization and how a renaissance could be achieved, than pre- and post-colonial Algeria.

John Farrenkopf – – Thesis Eleven 62 1: The Role of Religion in Civilizational Development.

My grandfather sold all his properties and left Algeria to stay in Tarabuls al Gharb in Libya around a. Dynamics of World History.

Malik Bennabi

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Sign in to use this feature. Muslims tended to dig up past treasures instead of seeking to progress with new ones.

He also lived in Egypt from the mid s until the early s, and thus had backgrounds in both French and Arab educations. He said that Muslims today were in a state bejnabi disarray. This development has not been strongly felt in many underdeveloped countries, for their inferiority complex created a warped infatuation with the criteria of power that was based on material things.


Colonisation of minds has driven Muslims towards a state of moral and psychological decay. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Although looking back to what had been achieved in the Golden Age of Islam is still relevant, what is more important is to be able to appreciate the political values and culture of models and systems implemented by past prophets, re-interpret and apply these to our contemporary society.

Such a situation enabled him to get a modest job in the limits to met the daily needs of his family. Although it was so easy for me to know about my grades over the year, as well as the grades of the four first pupils in my class, I was sure that I was the best one, but not continuously overall the year.

Such an analysis could enable him to came out with a wealth of insights and enduring ideas about the problems of the contemporary Muslim world.

Inafter returning to Algeriahe witnessed modern scientific inventions and technological creations unfold before his eyes.

He encouraged revival, but to the eventual demise of the al-Qiyam discussion group. He also became fascinated with the gymnastic games of Awled ben Isa, a sufi group who became famous for their strange acts.