I will begin by saying that the original Cult of Ecstasy Tradition Book was my favorite of The Cult of Ecstasy aren’t just the “party mages” one might expect from. When the mages get to the party, though, they find out that there’s a very specific point to all the revelry. The Cult of Ecstasy does use things like drugs and music. When interfaced with the Lakishim the mage is briefly like unto a god, and can Cult of Ecstasy mages only suffer half the penalty of other mages for having.

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Music, dance, sex, mave, drugs — anything that can be pursued to exhaustive, fhe explosions of feeling is fair game. While members may seem on the surface to be totally without center, the Cult actually searches for those with a very strong sense of self, however well hidden this strength may be. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page.

Members of the Society indulge in a wide range of criminal sometimes almost terrorist activities and argue for the overthrow of the stifling chains of society.

These Cultists maintain ties with the modern descendants of the fae and initiate ascensjon members through the wild parties of the satyrs. Music, dance, drugs, meditation, fasting, sex, exercise Concepts: Of course that door was always there; you just never noticed it before, right? The Cult draws ascehsion new mages than any other Tradition, at first, because of its reputation as a gang of hippies.

For instance, a cultist might wind up out of play for an hour at a really opportune moment, or he might find himself two traits down on all challenges for an hour.

Politically active Cultists often wind up in the Dissonance Society, a small group that teaches personal responsibility and ethics as a cornerstone for anarchic society. She begins to understand that the only tool that’s really necessary to move beyond customary boundaries is her own mind.

The Cult of Ecstasy is perhaps one of the easiest Traditions to understand on the surface, but possess one of the most profound paradigms in the entire world of Mage: It’s up to the individual to ecshasy through, to see what’s on the other side and to keep on going past where even those crutches take her, to the heart of the Lakashim, the pulse that drives the world.


Ecstatic quests for transcendence — and the Cult of Ecstasy itself — have a long history, from the Bacchantes’ dances and the Sufi Muslims’ whirling to aboriginal vision quests.

Prophetic and insightful, they expanded their minds through exhausting ritual and dangerous substances, all in the pursuit of ultimate awareness. This liberation both fascinated and terrified the more conservative Traditions, who alternately reviled and wondered at the Ecstatics’ practices and powers. To them, the heartbeat of many people moves beyond the mind of the one; the actions taken in the heat of frenzied dance reflect basic human impulse unfettered by reasoning or prudish mores.

A Cultist’s uncanny preparedness and flexibility allows him to move easily between levels of society. There’s no need to drag down sex and pain when they can raise you up. In addition, the Cult has had to struggle with the skeletons of addiction, overdose and burnout throughout its existence oc members get caught up in the tools of their craft instead of its ends. A Cultist might begin the day working hard at the gym, spend the afternoon debating philosophy with professors at the local university, follow dinner fo jumping into the pit at an underground punk show and then rave til dawn with the local club-going elite.

Chantry houses tend to resemble community hangouts, jam-session rooms or fraternity houses more than magical workplaces, and they’re often inhabited by several Cultists and a handful of Sleepers. People usually write this look off as a stoned expression, but the Ecstatic is more likely looking at who his lunch date will be tomorrow. They practice the Mind Sphere in their pursuit of emotional mastery. Music is the most powerful tool for changing perception, according to many Ecstatic mages, and it’s the easiest way to really get in touch with the primal and spiritual energies within and without.


However, the enlightened K’an Lu see the need for a balance between discipline and excess, so they too practice martial arts, meditation, trances and discipline.

Cult of Ecstasy – Reality Deviants ~ A Mage: The Ascension Story

Its message comes to people through this music, urging people to cast aside their banal notions in favor of ecstasy, experience and their own mad visions.

They limit themselves needlessly. Unlike other will workers, however, the foci that the Cult uses all too easily kf addictions in their own right.

Cultists take the word ecstasy in its original meaning: The Seers would accept no limits — not from themselves, from society or from any gods.

On the other hand, if someone comes to an Ecstatic looking for a new way to see his life, the mage will be more than happy to help him extend his senses in whatever way he’s comfortable with.

Paradigm Summary: Cult of Ecstasy

Too hung up on the “power of denial”! There’s no real list of the types of people who become Ecstatic mages, because anyone can realize that they’re not seeing all that there is to see.

Music, meditation, sex, drugs, fasting, dance, martial arts, exercise, incense, performance Tradition Advantage: What’s more, their ascensioh of Time magic is often as much of a curse as it is a blessing. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. When the mages get to the party, though, they find out that there’s a very specific point to all the revelry.

The Cult’s early incarnations spread from mystery visionaries in the Near East and India. The Cult of Ecstasy breaks down barriers and self-imposed limitations to give people a rush of eye-opening experience.