“Llana of Gathol” is a collection of four novellas written in the Martian series of Edgar Rice Burroughs which was written for Amazing Stories in Llano, the . Barsoom. Barsoom is a fictional version of the planet Mars invented by author Edgar Rice Burroughs for a series of action adventure stories. In , Burroughs . The final Barsoom volume: John Carter races to save his granddaughter Llana of Gathol from destruction; in John Carter of Mars, he must rescue his beloved.

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He was fast asleep. Pan Dan Chee bowed. Dec 09, Jeremy Michael Gallen rated it really liked it. I do not know from whence I came, nor if I were born of woman as are other men. Upon finally finding a way out, all the old men crumble to dust, their years catching up with them somehow. But it’s not in the top half. In my right hand I held the long-sword of that long dead Orovaran from whose body I had filched it.

Pan Dan Chee agreed; so we started again for the quay of ancient Horz. We always managed to keep her between us at all times for her greater protection. If needed, this nerve index can be used to kill someone at long range with a vibration tuned to that persons nerve index.

John Carter is captured by Red Men, and because he forgot to remove the cream they think him to be a Black Pirate. Carter is sentenced to death in a series of cat Lana tale of Barsoom opens with an unidentified narrator relaxing on a Hawaiian beach, with one of his kin, John Carter, coming and telling the story of the titular character, Llana of Gathol, daughter of Gahan of Gathol and Tara of Helium.

The extremely low humidity has helped to preserve them, but more than all else was the permanency of their construction. It fills the agthol eyes with amazement and his mind with doubt and his heart with fear.

Aug 22, Sandy rated it really liked it.

Llana of Gathol – Wikipedia

Then, seeing that Llana was safe, I turned and ran along the or of the rift; and the six green warriors did just what I had expected them to do. It must have been a very amusing sight; as the four of us were threshing around on the ground, all mixed up, and the banth was roaring and Pan Dan Chee was cursing like a trooper when he wasn’t trying to tell Llana of Gathol how much he loved her.


Talu, the rebel prince, whom you placed upon the throne of Okar, visited Helium once immediately thereafter. Underground Richard Corben Complete Works. I could see it. I felt myself sinking into pleasant slumber. Look at llnaa others! This is gatbol absolute joy. And it goes from there.

Lan Sohn Wen, being a good fellow, sent one of his men for some torches; and when he returned, Pan Dan Chee and Gathpl entered the gloomy cavern. Pan Dan Chee would not take the offensive, and he offered very little in the way of defense. At the head of the caravan rode some two hundred warriors, five abreast; and a like number brought up the rear.

The last I saw of the engagement revealed Hin Abtol running at the top of his speed back toward the plain with his men trailing behind him and the green men bringing up the rear. The light grew brighter. I tried to shut my ears and go to sleep, but I could not but hear her reply.

Llana has been targeted by a mad conquerer named Hin Abtol who not only wants Llana for his harem but, wants to rule all of Barsoom. When we lay down to rest on the sixth night, Llana had the first watch; and as I had the second, I prepared to sleep at once. From whence he came I do not know.

I saw Pan Dan Chee’s lids drooping. Lists with This Book. Doxusthe cruel Jeddak of Kamtol, uses the machine to keep his people at bay. I kept my eye on him constantly while Pan Dan Chee drank; then he watched him while I slaked my thirst, and all the while the creature kept up a running fire of senseless chatter.

More classic swashbuckling science fiction gthol John Carter and the Martian maiden of the title are trapped in a lost city and must fight to get past the city’s decadent rulers.


Pan Dan Chee came forward rather open-mouthed and goggle-eyed. It might have been a good battle, John Carter, had you and two of the warriors of your guard been pitted against the green men; but these Panars are no warriors unless the odds are all on their side. Went through 11 books on Mars to end up on Jupiter? Llana of Gathol herself, John Carter’s granddaughter, is an engaging character although she gets little actual screentime.

I reached the doorway, and as I stepped into the opening I had a momentary glimpse of a strange figure; and then all was plunged into darkness and a hollow laugh reverberated through the Stygian blackness of the pits of Horz.

Of course this was wishful thinking, but it was also quite accurate thinking. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Jad-han also says that if destroyed, the machine can never be replaced since the inventor is dead and the current maintainer, Myr-locould never repair it. The beast to whose back I had vaulted was a vicious devil, and he took violent exception to me and probably to my odor. Like nearly all Martian women of high degree she knew her mind.

Llana Of Gathol & John Carter Of Mars

Fun penultimate book in the Barsoom series and the last one, wholly acknowledged, as being penned by ERB himself. The text is available via Project Gutenberg Australia.

One thing that I noticed particularly in Kamtol was that the gathil could not be raised on cylindrical columns, as is the case lf most modern Martian cities, where assassination has been developed to a fine art and where assassins’ guilds flourish openly, and their members swagger through the streets like gangsters once did in Chicago.

This one, as others have pointed out, does poke gentle fun at some of the conventions of the series. Instantly he and the large man who had just spoken recognized one another.