INTERTEXTUALITIES IN HORACIO QUIROGA’S. EL ALMOHAD6N DE conflicts and tensions in the intertext of EI almohadon de plumas that enhance the. El almohadón de plumas (Horacio Quiroga). 0 prereading – the nightmare This is certainly a difficult text to teach due to the advanced language.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I did not give this sheet to students until I felt that they already knew the words so that it did not feel like a vocabulary list that we were plugging through but rather some spontaneous conversations.

Jordan lifted it up; it was extraordinarily heavy. Inside, the shining amlohada of stucco, the tall walls without the slightest feature affirmed the sensation of bleak coldness.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The top feathers flew into the air, and the servant let out a scream of horror with her mouth wide open, her hands flying up to both sides of her face.

It was not strange then that she grew thin. I taught this story this year with a larger unit about love, horxcio norms and gender roles. The daily fluffing of the pillow without a doubt had slowed its progress at first, but ever since the young woman stopped moving the sucking went at a dizzying speed. Walking back and forth between the rooms, footsteps echoed throughout the whole house, as if its long neglect heightened the resonating sound. She came down with a slight attack of influenza that dragged on insidiously for days and days; Horcaio never seemed to recover.


Nonetheless, she loved him dearly.

Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All day long the lights were kept on in the profoundly silent almohaea. Most thorough and appreciated.

Thank you for this translation. Always upon waking she had the sensation of a thousand kilos on top of her pinning her to the bed.

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Definitely discuss the difference between movie and original story prior to the assessment and require them to know the story version for the assessment. All the lights remained mournfully on in the room and in the living room.

Her twilight terrors came now in the horaxio of monsters dragging themselves toward the bed and climbing up her quilt arduously. It may take more than one class. However, she had thrown a veil over her old dreams, and still lived in the hostile house as if asleep, without wanting to think about anything until her husband came home. Only plimas night did life seem to leave her in new waves of blood.

Courtney Nygaard — Spanish 2, 3 and heritage learners. She looked at the carpet, returned her gaze to him and after a long pause of frightened confrontation, she grew calm. For example, an acceptable question for the first section might be something like: I certainly read the first two pages as a whole group activity to keep any of my students from giving up when they get to a stretch that is difficult for them to understand. The following morning she awoke faint and without spirit.

Do not let them plumzs ahead!


That was the last day that Alicia was able to raise herself up. When I teach this story I use embedded readings to build up from a very simple version of the story until, by the end of the week, students are reading the original version written by Horacio Quiroga.

She could barely move her head. In this strange love nest Alicia spent the whole autumn.

El almohadón de plumas (Horacio Quiroga)

Finally one day she managed to make it to the garden supported against the arm of her husband. He, for his part, loved her profoundly without letting it be seen. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. There quirgoa front of them was a finished life, bleeding out day by day, hour by hour, without even knowing why.

El almohadón de plumas / The Feather Pillow – Translated Works of Horacio Quiroga

Later she lost consciousness. This is certainly a difficult text to teach due to the advanced language. After a moment she opened her mouth to scream, and her nostrils and lips pearled in sweat. I have students fold this embedded reading into quarters so that they are only looking at the relevant section. Jordan lived in the living room, its lights also lit. Upon seeing him, Alicia let out a shriek of horror.

I interrupt the film often so plumws takes us about 25 minutes to watch a nine minute film.