What follows is the chronicle of significant events that mark the selected history of the. Koronus Expanse, as it is generally known and agreed upon by scholars. A bright beacon in the swirling darkness of the Immaterium for fans of Fantasy Flight Games’ line of Warhammer roleplaying games. An editable version of the Koronus Expanse Map (Rogue Trader) Koronus Expanse Editable PSD.

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An Ork Freebooter ‘s Kill Kroozer.

Koronus Expanse – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Beasts stalk through the nightmare jungles of Burnscour. Most disturbingly, the Kroot eat the flesh of other species with an avid, selective hunger, and the ugly forms of their future generations take on some characteristics of the consumed. Another mystery the Explorators and Ordo Xenos would like answered is how they appear to be able to navigate the Empyrean with some skill, as no psykers have been reported among them. The outer envelope constantly tears and ripples, throwing off huge flaming masses into the near voids.

Each of the Reavers of Karrad Vall owe loyalty to him above all, but the Dark Gods and the punishments for treachery are as terrible as a dedicated servant of Chaos can devise. These caravans contain relatively few adult Stryxis, along with larger numbers of slaves, mercenaries, “acquisitions,” and gene-engineered servant creatures.

These regions hold the fearsome Orkthe treacherous Eldarand strange kornous that lie beneath the light of dying stars.

It is not only in the hearts of hunters and reavers that the touch of the Ruinous Powers is to be found in the Koronus Expanse, for like many regions of its type, the area is host to countless worlds settled countless millennia ago and subsequently ex;anse to humanity during the Age of Strife.

Much of their culture is driven by these unholy acts, carried out at the direction of their leaders, beasts known as Shapers. These motivations frequently bring them into contact with the Rogue Traders who are but the youngest of their kind to walk these stars. It’s half law fortress and half forge world iirc. Ten citadels project from the crust, each massive as a hive, echoing and empty but for the whispering dust of xenos dead.

There is no lore on Iniquity save the lore of might and murder, and its brutal society is split into fraternities bonded by blood and pledges made in unholy tongues. From behind Void Shields and armoured crystal viewports the colonists, drawn from the wealthiest exiles of Imperial nobility and the most successful of criminals a distinction between the two being not always easy to draw gazed out on the beauty of the world that was their sanctuary from blood wars, vengeful rivals, and the iron fist of Imperial justice.


What wonders or terrors lurk in the unexplored portions of the world remain to be revealed. They exist in untold numbers, spawning like a plague within the Koronus Expanse, and the rising tally of worlds and vessels that these pirates have sacked suggests that their numbers are growing.

The Koronus Expanse | Calixis Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Undred-Undred Teef is a tract of star systems at the heart ex;anse the Accursed Demesne that is a nest and breeding ground for Orks. The currencies of Mankind are as varied as the worlds of the galaxy, and are only measured in Thrones when it comes time to collect the Imperial Tithe.

When even raiding could not feed those who remained, they turned to eating their dead — first those who had been slain, and then those who still lived.

A militant Rogue Trader out for expannse. I see the void un-walked and the waiting dark. The character of the Screaming Vortex is that of a raging beast whose teeth clash and gnaw in a never-ending search of food, and it is said by the void born that it has claimed entire fleets to satiate its endless hunger.

Objects that are getting pulled around by the sun are moving SUPER slow compared to the ships your flying, the Engines in w40k are like sub light speed.

Their starships are like pale dead things driven by a cold and broken will. Lexicanum – The 40K Wiki.

They are creatures wrapped in subtle lies and conceal dark intellects behind their eccentric behaviour and obsession with trinkets and baubles. Many have been linked to known alien cultures, but some resist clear identification.

The few points of agreement between these charts thus indicate the worlds, stars, and Warp routes that are generally agreed to exist, at least insofar as the explorers of the Koronus Expanse are concerned. Navigating is a far cry from traversing the established warp routes of expande Calixis Sector. Orks speak a kornous guttural language that mirrors their physical appearance and blunt outlook on existence.

What follows is the chronicle of significant events that mark the ex;anse history of the Koronus Expanse, as it is generally known and agreed upon by scholars within the Imperium, with particular reference to the deeds of the Rogue Traders that have forged it. A xenos breed of which little is known for fact, they take the appearance of rough-hewn and irregular stone reptilids, eight-limbed and over three metres long.

Tattered ethereal sails propel the Eclipse -class Cruiser from the depths of the void, cloaked and hidden by holofield technology far more effective than most Eldar ships.


Koronus Expanse

Want to add to the kooronus Orks constantly strive to overcome and dominate their fellows, with the most successful and powerful bosses growing in size to mirror their status. Drub had the authority to determine where the Space Marines would fightthe Astartes themselves would determine how. They come in search of slaves, murder, and riches.

Who leads these mysterious Corsairs and what their purpose is remains unknown, but some have speculated sxpanse they are ezpanse something, or keeping koronu from being discovered.

The passageways are cramped for humans, and the hive mazes are empty, as though the xenos and almost all expansse works simply vanished overnight. Such areas are only labeled only as “Here be monsters” on ancient charts, where only the foolhardy of insane would venture epxanse seek their destiny.

Its collapsed and empty hive cities are said to be laden with untouched relics of the Dark Ages of Technologywhile the void around Raakata is filled with Vox broadcasts of strange languages, garbled binary code, and blurts of static.

Others defoliate the jungle with anti-plant bombs and Heavy Flamers to create brief landing clearings—which are swallowed again by the jungle within days. This chill world, upon which Faith Lathimon and a hundred others died in ways that were never recorded, bears great cyclopean structures, columns, and avenues spread across its darkened surface, so worn and covered by the dusts of eexpanse that they appear to be hills and valleys.

Luckily for those journeying into the Expanse, the presence and predations of the many Ork Freebooter fleets is haphazard and without unified purpose, and they are often inclined to war upon their own kind as much as anything else. Even if they do not come out exactly how they were intended, these devices are still terrifyingly effective — most of the time. Few routes into the Demesne exist, and those which are likely to be accurate are jealously guarded by the Navigator clans who first found them.

Encountered infrequently in Koronus Expanse, their reputation is a dark one. Rogue Traders religiously avoided certain Stations, and some still retain an ill reputation. Those who meld with a Halo Artefact are ultimately doomed, fallen prey to xeno thirsts and waking nightmares that come to rule their every moment.