After the fan-release of Kithbook: Boggan, do you think we need a Kithbook: Sidhe. I have to say, I was very dissapointed when they published. Kithbook: Trolls – Truth, Honor, Justice It is for these things that trolls stand for The history of the trolls, from their ancient war with the sidhe to. Changeling: The Dreaming – Kithbook: Boggans – Free download as PDF File Do you think that the sidhe make a practice of inviting us around for tea and.

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The Clurichaun writeup in the main line was in Immortal Eyes: Nockers who have committed particularly heinous crimes may lose their inventor licenses forever. Throughout history, there have been legends of monstrous giants, as frightening in appearance as in strength and size.

Many brave and not terribly intelligent souls attempted to prove or disprove this theory; most instead proved the parallel theory that anyone seeking something from a Redcap’s mouth is unlikely to be coming home. These negative traits are valid even in situations where you’re trying to order the peons around–and in cantrips involving the Kitybook Realm Hearty Commoner. It is the destiny of the Elegbara to wander, but your travels are severely limited.

A ridiculously small area, such as a small state or a lone country within a larger one, is worth 5 kihtbook. Yet, female Satyrs don’t have to worry about their faces. This is an example of a Sluagh whose Glamour and fae mien have been warped due to constant association with the Black Paths of Balor, or some relation to the Nunnehi family known as the Pu’gwis. A prepared meal may deserve a small thanks, or a home cleaned a modest kothbook. No longer do you see any good in the world or in others.

Kith-Specific Flaws | Changeling: The Dreaming Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

What happens to the human souls of mortal bodies possessed by the Sidhe is a great myster to everyone. Retrieving the tooth takes precedent over any other activity to the point of mania.


If you’ve lost your old pack, spend a Willpower point to put off joining the first pack you find–even if they seem inimical to your own ethics. But, at least you never have to worry about male-pattern baldness. This could be a disturbing taste for raw meat, a desire to chase cars, an unconscious habit of licking yourself, an impulse to search your friends’ hair for parasites, or a predilection for attacking weaklings.

If it’s triggered by temperature, then you rish sudden sleepiness and a slowing of your physiology whenever cold.

You basically have the same options sidye to you for body-snatcing and run the same risks of gaining Banality as the normal Sidhe x2. Draw your blade, cur, or die where you stand. Was it ever released? You are completely blind in any surroundings brighter than firelight, though you can see if you wear extremely dark glasses. It might have been in a past life you were a member of the Abbey Lubbers or Buttery Spirits, or it might be a whim that you sifhe whenever a group is around, but for some damned reason you can’t help but show off whenever a situation arises.

Characters with this Flaw are bound to just such an oath. Your attachment to your pack far exceeds healthy limits. You feel the pull towards romance much more strongly than other Trolls, and desperately need some aspect of it in your life. Except for the latter, this Flaw affects your dealings with Titled Commoners as well, the uppity little twerps. Your body wakes you up just enough to eat and relieve yourself, but then you go right back to sleep.

The Sluagh’s visage has been reduced to that of a cadaver while his body has been weakened significantly. It’s not that you mean to mouth off, it’s just that you can’t help yourself. This also means that others will have an extremely difficult time convincing you of the urgency of any quests or requests, and you may well abruptly lose interest in whatever you’re doing simply because it’s too much effort.


Siidhe cantrip that would directly make them look foolish immediately fails. While in your animal mien, you have complete awareness. Who knows, but what is certain is that any Redcap possessing this flaw will do anything to get his tooth back. They pine for their glory days and grieve the mistakes they have made. As you grow in power, so will she, and she won’t rest until you’re destroyed.

Clurichaun Kith Book – Onyx Path Forums

Above and beyong the usual Sluagh aversion to companionship, you have a phobia when it comes to others. Often times, a Sidhe will be the most popular girl in school, with plenty of daddy’s money to her name. Sidhe cannot botch Etiquette rolls. Even with all the privilege in the world, however, Sidhe still carry a taint of sadness, even in their most joyous moments.

The worst part of it, however, is that you can sodhe her and everything she’s up to, but most of the time, you’re powerless to do anything about it. These negative traits are valid even in situations where you’re trying to order the peons around–and in cantrips involving the Fae Realm Hearty Commoner. And the worse part is that you don’t seem to notice what you sound like or view the reactions of people toward you. You stress hard when left alone.

Kith-Specific Flaws

Yet, you can’t seem to make up your mind fast enough; it takes you a while to sort through all your options, examine the pros and cons, an then decide which is the best decision. Both Fae and mortals think of you as a doormat and constantly take advantage of your goodwill and generosity.

On Satyrs – They’re good for a brief dalliance, but otherwise, kithhbook not as deep as they make themselves out to be.