كتاب الفتن علامت قیامت نعيم بن حماد المروزي Tribulation’ (Kitab al-Fitan) A hadith collection by Nu’aym Ibn Hammad al-Huza’i about the signs of. From amongst his students are: Muḥammad ibn Ismā`il al-Bukhārī, Yaḥyah ibn Ma`īn, . Regarding his book al-fitan, Allāmah adh-Dhahabī رحمه الله تعالى has. Book KITAB AL-FITAN WA ASHRAT AS-SA’AH (Book pertaining to the turmoil and portents of the last hour). Chapter The sinking of an army in the earth.

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So Allah revealed the verse “unless he repents, believes, and works righteous deeds, for Allah will change the evil of such persons into good.

Then the Antichrist Dajjal will come forth accompanied by a river and fire. kktab

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Narrated Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman:. Then the people will unite under a man who will be like a hip-bone on a rib. It fitsn those people who fight during the period of commotion fitnahand one of them kills the other people presuming that he is in the right, so he does fktan beg pardon of Allah of that sin. He who sits during them will be better than he who gets up and he who walks during them is better than he who runs.

If Allah wishes to disregard him, He may do do. He then mentioned the tradition in which he said: When that happens, expect the Antichrist Dajjal that day or the next.

Does it mean seventy years which remain or seventy years which are gone by? My Lord folded for me the earth, so much so that I saw its easts and wests i.

Obey him in the acts of obedience to Allah, and disobey him in the acts of disobedience to Allah. No fitqn verse has repealed the verse “If a man kills a believer intentionally”.


For more information, see Wikipedia: Book 37, Hadith 27 English translation: Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar:. If anyone has more of these, what should he do? There will be among my people thirty great liars each of them asserting that he is Allah’s prophet, where as I am the seal of the Prophet s after whom me there will be no prophet ; and a section of my people will continue to hold to the truth – according to the Ibn Isa’s version: The narrator Yazid ibn Khalid then recited the verse: When something of it which I have forgotten happens, I remembered it, just as a man remembers another’s face when he is a away and recognizes him when he sees him.

This people of mine is one to which mercy is shown. Will any be spared after the use of the sword?

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Khalid then said to us: Kkitab I entered the mosque of KufahI found there some people of moderate stature, and among them was a man whom you could recognize when you saw him that he was from the people of Hijaz.

I prayed to my Lord that He may not destroy my community by prevailing famine, and not give their control to an enemy who annihilates then en masse except from among themselves. The tradition mentioned above No. What do you command me to do, Messenger of Allah? Uploading a public-domain item using File Upload Wizard. Woe to Arabs because of evil which has drawn near!

He will escape who restrains his hand. This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat Then there will be the little black trial which will leave none of this community without giving him a slap, and when people say that it is finished, it will be fitna.


AbdurRahman ibn Samurah said: About the verse “If a man kills a believer intentionally” Abu Mijlaz said:.

Messenger of Allah, what is the trial fitnah of fitaj at home? Messenger of Allah, if this happens to us it will destroy us. You should restrain your tongue and hand and stay at home. Learn the Book of Allah, Hudhayfah, and adhere to its contents.

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Your cousin Mu’awiyah orders us that we fiyan do this and do that. Khalid al-Yashkuri through different chain of narrators. He then transmitted the rest of the tradition. The Last Hour will come. It means seventy fktan that are gone by.

My ears heard it and my heart retained it. I came out with the intention of participating in fighting. The people frowned at me and said: Before you there will be commotions like pieces of a dark night in which a man will be a kl in the morning and an infidel in the evening.

Abu Bakrah met me and said: He was called Hani ibn Kulthum ibn Sharik al-Kinani. Keep to your houses. If a man knows the command of Islam and intentionally uk a believer, his repentance wil not be accepted. When he mentioned the one when people should stay in their houses, some asked him: What will you do, AbuDharr, when you see the Ahjar az-Zayt covered with blood? There will be civil strife fitnah which will render people deaf, dumb and blind regarding what is right.