An honest romance and an empowering book about bullying –from the author of the City Love trilogy Noelle’s life is all about survival. Even her best. Keep Holding On. by Susane Colasanti. For Noelle, being constantly bullied at school is just one of the many problems stacking up in her life. High school junior Noelle is growing up in poverty with a neglectful mother. At school she is the target of bullies who tease her about her sad.

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Once again Colasanti proves how wonderful a writer she really is and while she will always be a favorite. One of the most powerful early scenes is when Noelle discovers that mother stole from her – in what capacity, I’ll leave it up to the reader to find out.

Keep Holding On

It really makes me sad that there are adult out there that are willing to take that stand. Noelle has one good suane, Sherae, but even Sherae does not know how truly awful things are for Noelle at home. I mean, I liked Noelle, the main character: Noelle knows that “[o]ne thing about being bullied is that you quickly learn how to avoid the people who make your life miserable.

Read more of my reviews at Nick’s Book Blog Tackling a subject such as bullying is like walking on hot coal. Noelle is a neglected child. There are moments where it is almost there — for example, when Noelle talks about the toilet being broken and her mother’s lateness on rent keeping them from calling the landlord — but the bulk of the story relied upon the reader simply listening to Noelle tell us about being poor.

With loveable characters, deep-rooted issues and a bit of romance, this book packs an emotional punch! And doesn’t work that way for many people that have a life like Noelle’s. It may not be a perfect book, but it still deserves every single star I can give for the simple fact that this sends a strong message that could help people live through what may be the hardest years of their lives.


Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti

But at other times, the author will empower Noelle in important ways, ways which will help teen readers realize that there always is something worth holding on colasani, even in their darkest moments. We have to realize that this girl is stifled in a life of depression and shame, her irrational decisions are due to an unconscious defense mechanism.

Videos Keep Holding On was featured on the morning news! We’d like to think someone who gets bullied would help others in the same boat, but I kee; that wishful thinking.

Sympathy and an eagerness to understand. Every single day she dodges blows—physical and verbal—from girls and guys who make it their mission to make her miserable. It takes courage to speak up when you or someone you know is being mistreated. And so allow my quasi-philosophical explanation to fathom for a second or five. Maybe this book is just not for me. Noelle and Julian aren’t the only great characters in this book.

Customers who viewed this item also dolasanti. This is more than a story of the underdog sticking it to the man. Kids picked on me for being a science nerd. I want to pass it out to every high schooler in the world. Even if it took awhile for Noelle to open up to Sherae, she eventually did.

I mean, she gives lesson using Gumby and Pokey dolls! My teen years were the worst time of my life.

If only this was easy to believe when you’re a teenager. This is one of those books I want to hand out to every person who’s dealing with a bully, has been bullied and has yet to deal with a bully.


Keep Holding On By: Susane Colasanti by jasmine barajas on Prezi

Julian, the primary love interest, is barely within the story for a while and there’s very little development or focus on his and Noelle’s relationship. The hotline’s services are free and confidential. I was a pretty stupid kid. That seldom every works in life.

I bragged that I did not have to pay for my lunches and got them for free. This book just left me in. Sherae was there to pick up some of the pieces and was just a really good friend.

Like I said it’s not perfect, some things could been fleshed out – like her friendship with Sherae, her relationship with Julian, and the ending which I felt was a bit implausible or too good to be true.

And no, we weren’t mean either. So back to the book, back to what you really want to know. This book rocketed me right back to my high school This book is not susaane easy read nor a light read, but it is a fast read. The presentation colasznti haphazard and quite jarring in a negative way as the book went on. She joins lit mag and becomes confident as a writer and editor.

Noelle’s kept so much about her life a secret for so long that when her longtime crush Julian Porter starts paying attention to her, she’s terrified. Other than ignoring the constant stream of comments, the only strategy Noelle has is to keep her embarrassing home life a complete secret.