Movie playback from content imported to a Kaleidescape server or from discs in a Disc Vault. High-definition onscreen user interface. Proprietary M-Class. Kaleidescape 1U Server & M Player. Shane Buettner | Sep 20, Performance Features Ergonomics Value. Price: $16, (as tested) At A Glance: . Kaleidescape and I go way back. This is the fifth time I’ve had one of its systems in for review, and I must say, the company’s products just keep.

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Create new account Request new password. Music From Big Pink. You can do this in a few different ways.

In an interesting decision, Kaleidescape will require that the physical Blu-ray disc be present for playback from the server — which, you may be thinking, rather defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years. Going back several years, Kaleidescapw remember my first reaction to learning of the Kaleidescape paradigm. Page 1 Page 2. When in kxleidescape now playing screen you can see the entire queue, search through it, and do some minor editing of the list.

Multiple servers will cluster to store thousands of movies and albums as a single, seamless collection. Imagine if you started a film in the bedroom it came up calm and mellow, while in the main theater you might start off with the X-wing fighters of Star Wars heading into your name and theater over whatever you want.

The Hookup The Kaleidescape system works over your hardwired kaleidewcape network.

Kaleidescape outs M300 and M500 Blu-ray players, copiers

Loading discs was easy; with the M, you simply slide them in the drive and the carrousel does the rest. One really nice thing about the system is when you want to watch a Blu-ray you can select to watch either the disc, like you loaded it into any Blu-ray player, or just the movie.


Kaledescape sound, exorbitant price.

The 1U Server measures The list is alphabetical and scrolls at two speeds. Your treasured collection of movies and music is presented in high definition, with eye-popping detail and improved performance. Reloading the disc into either the disc vault or the player does allow access to the movie and does not require kaleidfscape the film onto the hard drive. It will also provide kaleidesdape import, and make it easy to find and retrieve a disc. Kaleidescape even has a special child remote.

Browsing discs can be done in one of three ways: Any number of disc vaults can be added to a Kaleideescape Premiere system. The child remote is solidly built and heavily rubberized to increase durability and has fewer keys than the actual remote but worked just as well, and in an adult house I could see people actually wanting this remote over the actual, full-function remote control.

For zones where you won’t want or need to import discs, Kaleidescape makes a smaller player, kaleeidescape M that is also one rack space high but only a little over eight inches wide, allowing you to install two next to each other in standard rack configuration.

Roku Ultra Streaming Player. You can play them immediately or add them to the playback queue. GoldenEar Technology Triton One. Aesthetics be damned, the Kaleidescape system is designed to be rack mounted so other than their kaleidecape fascias, they’re plain boxes. This is kqleidescape one of the coolest features for the mega user who could program each of their multiple home theaters to have their own dedicated intro.

Once connected I loaded in a few Blu-ray discs that I was provided with from Kaleidescape since they were already preloaded on the system’s hard drive.


That is, people can watch five separate Blu-ray movies on different Players in the house, at the kaleidesacpe time. The Tree Of Life. Related Latest Kaleidescapw News. Disc importing takes roughly an hour for Blu-ray, and 25 minutes for standard DVDs. But power users can dig deeper and find movies by their favorite actors, directors, genres, and more. The 1U can distribute DVDs to 50 zones simultaneously and Blu-rays to nine while accepting up to four simultaneous imports of discs – clearly this thing has some serious bandwidth.

I wasn’t able to test this my demo unit actually had this software on itas I have a plasma in the system I used for this review, though I have seen it in play and it’s pretty cool. Other trademarks and trade names kaleidescaps owned by third parties and may be registered in some jurisdictions. Create new account Request new password. Performance When you have a system like this kwleidescape to your home theater you change how you use your system.

Sennheiser HD Headphones Review. Kaleidescape products are available through custom-installation dealers and distributors throughout the world.

Kaleidescape M Player |

The system supports a maximum of five simultaneous, independent Blu-ray Disc—based streams. Even the fastest Blu-ray players will still just be on the menu by then. Martinlogan Dynamo X Subwoofer Review. Kaleidescape and I go way back. Movies start instantly, without advertisements, trailers, or menus. The new M Series components don’t have to be connected to the Internet to import discs, even Blu-rays.