{{Infobox Martial art | image = File: | name = Kalaripayattu | focus Some of the flexibility training methods in northern Kalaripayattu are applied in Keralan dance forms and Kathakali dancers who knew martial arts. Layla, Denmark. Proud to say that i had my training at PVK academy Bangalore. I prefer PVK Academy as the best kalari training center which had been in my. Rishikul Yogshala offers kalaripayattyu training session with Yoga TTC in kerala. Click here to check time and training details.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kalarippayattu.

The ancient masters codified eight types of vadivus after watching the kalaripqyattu attack positions of various animals. They specialized in one or more of the important weapons of the period including the spear velsword valshield kedahamand bow and arrow vil ambu. The combat techniques of the Sangam period were the earliest precursors to kalaripayat.

Workshops Kalari Gurukulam conducts workshops from time to time and interested individuals can make use of these opportunities to learn the basics of Kalaripayattu. Please enter a valid email.

Kalarippayattu Training | Martial Arts Lessons | Kalari Online Website – C.V.N Kalari Sangam

Kalari academy of performing arts offer certificate course in Kalaripayattu, the Traditional Martial Art of India. Kalaripayattu has borrowed extensively from Ayurveda and equally lends to it. They include acrobatics, different types of flips and kicks. Every year Kalari Gurukulam conducts summer camps for kids between years of age.


This is the most dangerous weapon in the Kalari system other than your own body. It is six feet in length, flexible, and can be worn around the waist. Home Gallery Contact us Press release.

Such massages are generally termed thirumal and the unique massage given to increase flexibility is known as katcha thirumal. It involves powerful blows and blocks with speed. Levels and weapons of Kalaripayattu. It stimulates the nerves and relaxes the muscles.

Kalarippayattu and Massage Courses from ENS Kalari Ernakulam

In a martial art one may get injury at any time so our masters formed a traditional treatment system apart of Ayurveda to treat dislocation of joints, broken bones etc; and the treatment is based on the marma points Vital spots. In a Phoenix-like resurrection, Kalaripayattu is today emerging in a kaalripayattu avatar – an ancient art form – a source of inspiration for self-expression in dance forms – both traditional and contemporary, in theatre, in fitness and in movies too.


A weapon becomes an extension of one’s body and a further test of one’s skill.

Velakali kalaripatattu art form of the Nair soldiers from the southern part of kerala combines elements of Kalaripayat to kalaripayatfu ancient battle scenes from the epic Mahabharata.

The Urumi is the most dangerous weapon in the Kalari system. The initial training in kalaripayattu focuses on achieving the skill to adopt certain stances which are broadly classified into two – ‘Chuvadu and Vadivu’. This system of marma treatment comes under siddha vaidhyamattributed to the sage Agastya and his disciples. This mixture ensures that the floor is a very healthy surface to use for practice, providing healing to the body and any injuries caused during training.

The holistic approach of kxlaripayattu kalaripayattu training is aimed at the ultimate coordination and control over mind and body. Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences. The student must train the body and mind together as part of his spiritual progress. The inherent beauty of this art form lies in the harmonious synergy of art, science and medicine.

Kalari medication, with its own brand of potent oils, unguents and different types of bandages, is also popular among the general public.

Courses and Syllabus

Publications Kalari Gurukulam publishes books and recorded material for the interested Kalari enthusiasts. Residential Program People interested in learning at Kalari Gurukulam for a prolonged time period can stay at the Gurukulam as resident students.

Kalari Gurukulam publishes books and recorded material for the interested Kalari enthusiasts. Meythari consists graded series of physical exercises, which helps to attain agile and supple body, stamina strength and quick relexes of limbs, balance stability of foot works etc. Kalaripayattu Regular Classes Kalari Gurukulam offers regular courses for students between 7 to 60 years of age.


Click here for more details Anyone and everyone – young, old, boys, girls, working professionals, house wives — can reap the benefits of this rich and treasured martial art. Meipayattu meaning body in practice. After they perform the Vandana Chuvadu first salutation form. However, even after learning the complete syllabus it takes years of regular practice with dedication, discipline and devotion to perfect the art. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The final training of a student includes in identifying the 64 Kula Marmas deadly spots in the human body.

People interested in learning at Kalari Gurukulam for a prolonged time kalaaripayattu can stay at the Gurukulam as resident students. Outside Kalari class Learning Kalaripayattu occurs not just inside the Kalari but outside the class as well. This programme is designed to meet the advanced interests of the student of Kalaripayattu studies.

Northern kalaripayattu is based on elegant and flexible movements, evasions, jumps and weapons training, while the southern “Adi Malaripayattu style primarily follows the hard impact based techniques with priority on empty hand fighting and pressure point strikes.

Flexible sword is also unique kalaripayaattu used in Kalari Payattu to defend massive attacks. In a human body Marmas Vital spots if any one injured that may lead to instand death also. Retrieved from ” https: Publications Kalari Gurukulam publishes books and recorded material for the interested Kalari enthusiasts.

Kalaripayattu laid down the combat code of the Cholas, the Cheras and the Pandyas. After the basic level, the syllabus of the intermediate level takes about six months of daily practice. It is a series of exercises, in 18 different lessons designed to achieve peak physical fitness and flexibility of the body.