Natural magick by John Baptista Porta, a Neapolitane: in twenty books: wherein are set forth all the riches and delights of the natural sciences. By John Baptista Porta. Magia Naturalis (in English, Natural Magic) is a work of popular science first published in Naples in Its twenty books include. Giambattista della (John Baptist) Porta (?), was a A Table Containing the General Heads of Natural Magick ยท “Preface To BY John Baptista Porta.

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The temper of Iron for a Sythe. Oyl out of the Sanguine-Tree. Figs that shall be purgative.

Pulse will keep long. That Cattle may be more excellent to eat. That dung-hill fight the better. How we may procure Roses to yield a more odoriferous smell.

“John Baptist Porta” Natural Magick – Title Page

Mellons of a Sanguine colour. To extract Oyl out of Citron-seed. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! Ox flesh may be made potra. Roses that are half white and half red. How to make an Amphitheatrical-Glass. Quick-silver will preserve all things from putretude.


To shut up letters in stones.

The Cuttle is taken with a Glass. Peaches may be augmented much. If you desire that letters not are may be hi. A Lamprey fried, boild, and rosted all at once.

Which delivereth certain precepts of Husbandry; and sheweth how to intermingle sundry kinds of Plants, and how to produce new kinds. For spots and beauty.

At lorta hour of the day with a Concave-Glass, to set a House or Fort on fire.

Lentiles be hastened in their growth. Peaches, which hath the hardest stone, may be preserved long in sodden wine.

Natural Magick

That Bullets from Brass Guns, may enter deeper. How to extract Oyl out of Benjamin. Smalt dark on one side, and transparent on the other. Coleworts are changed into Rape, and Rape into Coleworts.

Leeks may be made sweeter. How to part water from wine. Citrons may be made greater: Against the clefts of the Fingers. Quinces may be preserved in Chaff. A Pear shall grow exceeding later.


In what ground there grow the best Beans to be preserved for store. Gold out of Silver. A Bait for Summer-whitings. Gourds may bring forth fruit without any seeds within them: How to produce the herb Dragon.

A Fig that is partly white and partly red. A stone that will raise Fire with any moysture. Oyl may be made of Ricinus, call’d Cicinum. How the Rape-root may be hastened in growth. That the Pole sends its force to the Circumference.

Ducks and other Birds being drunk are soon taken.