Find great deals for JBL Srx w 18″ Subwoofers. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I’m still trying to find some used subs. Any experieced the JBL SRX? How do they sound? JBL rates them at W. But from the way the. Buy the JBL SRX Subwoofer at PlanetDJ. Low VIP Pricing, Financing and Free Shipping available.

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I worried a little about the W power rating at 4 ohms the built-in Crown amp has, isn’t that a little low for a speaker that should have around jhl to it? The SRX is the choice for large rooms, outdoor performance and high-level sound reinforcement or music playback. Another thing about the is that the speaker is a 4 ohm speaker.

Its compact footprint won’t crowd you on stage sr47118x its sleek, low profile won’t come between the performer and the audience.

Power rating is watts rms. The system boasts extremely wide frequency response and is a great choice as an arrayable, front-of-house reinforcement system. Nathan Wolf Newbie Offline Posts: An SR-X quick reference chart is available here.

JBL Srx w 18″ Subwoofers | eBay

I used a pair about ar4718x month ago and I really liked them. You need to look at what you are trying to accomplish with your system.

A single 2×18 x will cost a lot less than a pair of 1x Low end was tight,punchy and plentiful. How do they sound?


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The SRX 12″ two-way stage monitor features watts of power capacity and 95dB sensitivity. Its 15″ two-way design produces extended low frequencies in a transportable enclosure. Still the works great in small applications. Please login or register. Not a bad idea, but wasted if you don’t have a need for that second channel. Very simple to hook up and cart around.

PLX in stereo leaves nothing to be desired in watt world. I’ve listened to the passive one, though, and liked it.

ProSoundWeb Community

I believe the rating for the SRX is jl and peak. But from the way the spec sheet reads it sounds like it’s W Peak.

The SR sound good but don’t be thinkin you’ll be get a thunderous pounding like you would get with a large double 18 cab. Rs4718x get a second channel from that builtin amp, another W to use to either power a top box, or power another passive sub.

JBL Sr4718x 600w 18″ Subwoofers

A top mounted socket and optional telescoping sr47188x make it a great bass in more ways than one for one of the SR-X 12″ two-way models.

Joey B wrote on Tue, 21 September That’s the MPSP, fyi. Program power is watts. Anyone know the RMS or Program rating? Music I was mixing was Classic to Pop Rock.

The SRX 12″ two-way compact speaker is the choice for applications where compact size, ease of transport, and speaker stand mounting are the orders of the day. Massengale Full Member Offline Posts: The SRX produces incredible mid-range power combined with tight, punchy bass.


It delivers sr718x the output needed to cut through very high stage volumes.

Applications Front of house Full range instrument stage monitor Drum stage monitor. If you are looking for a light weight, compact sytem that is very easy to transport and set up, then the MPRO may be the best option.

Applications Long-throw applications Arrays and clusters Front-of-house. I’m still trying to find some used subs. If you need more power or if you think you may want to expand in the future, then go ahead and get the SRX box and good amp to run it. At home in the most demanding live sound and jlb environments, the SRX delivers the performance usually associated with subwoofer equipped systems. It should hbl high passed around 40 hz. Don’t know how much this is an issue but S4r718x heard that the JBL MP powered subs have had a problem with the 2nd amp channel being troublesome.

Don’t forget to hi pass them at the recommended frequency. Put them together and enjoy the thump with less drive. Thanks, Joey Hi Joey, They are nice little boxes.

For a smaller portable system I think they sounded great. For applications that require extremely high output and thundering bass, use the SRX on top jb, the SRX subwoofer. JBL rates them at W.