Class rJob. | +rJob The pages in the document to be printed by this PrinterJob are drawn by the. import rJob; import ; import ervice ; import erviceLookup; import l. The printing itself is still handeled by the PrinterJob of Java. import PrinterJob; import ; import ervice.

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If I use document. The PageFormat of each page is format.

PrinterJob: print() : PrinterJob « java.awt.print « Java by API

Throws PrinterException if the specified service cannot support the Pageable and Printable interfaces necessary to support 2D printing. A convenience method which looks up 2D print services. NullPointerException – if attributes parameter is null.

If a supported attribute-value is specified in this attribute set, it will take precedence over the API settings for this print operation only. Implementations of this class which do not support print services may return null.

Returns true uava a print job is in progress, but is going to be cancelled at the next opportunity; otherwise returns false. Sign up using Email and Password. Presents a dialog to the user for changing the properties of the print job.


In such a case you’ll need to convert the PDF to an image e. The PageFormat for each page is the default page format. Calls painter to render the pages in the specified format. This parameter may not be null. An application calls methods in this class to set up a job, optionally to invoke a print dialog with the user, and then to print the pages of the job.

The following behaviour is specified for PageFormat: Services returned from this method may be installed on PrinterJob s which support print services. Here is my code: If no printers are available on the system, a PrinterJob will still be returned from this method, but getPrintService will return nulland calling print with this PrinterJob might generate an exception.

Priya Tuli 31 2. If print has been called but has not returned then this method signals that the job printerjov be cancelled at the next chance. Prints a set of pages using the settings in the attribute set.

Email Required, but never shown. If using the Pageable interface, clients which intend to use media selected by the user must create a PageFormat derived from the user’s selections.


Creates and returns a PrinterJob which is initially associated with the default printer.

I found some printers which do so e. If there is no print job in progress then this call does nothing.

Class rJob

This only works on Linux, right? I have an issue when trying to print a PDF file using Java.

As well as allowing the user to select the destination printer, the user can also select values of various print request attributes. Calls painter to render the pages.

With the exception of selected printer, the PrinterJob state is not updated to reflect the user’s changes. Use is subject to license terms. HeadlessException – if GraphicsEnvironment. The page argument is used to initialize controls in the page setup dialog.