An almost forgotten classic though a founding text of Victorian middle-class identity,Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management is a volume of insight and . The Book of Household Management. By. Mrs. Isabella Beeton. Volume 1. Published by the Ex-classics Project, Public Domain. The Book of Household Management. Comprising Information for the. Mistress, Housekeeper, Cook, Kitchen-maid, Butler, Footman, Coachman, Valet, Upper.

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Mar 03, Cindy rated it it was amazing. The book thus advocates early rising, cleanliness, frugality, good temper, and the wisdom of interviewing servants rather than relying on written references. The book contains meticulously detailed advice on the householr of a wide variety of staff – cooks, dairy maids, nurse maids, valets, lady’s-maids, footmen and the like – all of whom would have been expected to operate under the watchful command of their employer.

Isabella Beeton was married to the manayement Samuel Beeton, whose most successful venture was the ‘Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine’.

It’s absolutely beautiful, a sturdy hardcover binding with pages that really and truly look like they’re from an old book. She was a young woman determined to succeed living at a time when that was unusual.


It not only contains over recipes, but is also a complete guide to running a household. She looketh well to the ways of her household; and eateth not the bread of idleness.

Your goose is cooked. The biggest value of the book, apart from giving an insider view of a rich family life in Victorian England, is in reminding us of frugality, punctuality, discipline and high moral standards. There is a detailed index. The book is a fascinating time capsule of a bygone age, its mores and thoughts. Views Read Edit View history. It’s an amazing little book, especially for the price I paid.

Dams across the Nile! The shepherds of Egypt had a singular manner of cooking eggs without the aid of fire. I could not be without it and cannot recommend it highly enough.

The modest virgin, the prudent wife, and the careful matron, are much more serviceable in life than petticoated philosophers, blustering heroines, or virago queens. Entirely new edition, London and New York: Beeeton here she is. Beeton’s practice has been criticised as plagiarism; Beeton’s modern biographer Kathryn Hughes talks of her “lifting” and “brazenly copying” recipes from others, and says that this was “the way that cookery books had been put together from time immemorial Trivia About Mrs Beeton’s Book Now, Michael, remember what I always say.

Mrs Beeton compares the mistress bpok a house to the commander of manage,ent army: Books by Isabella Beeton. Of all those acquirements, which more particularly belong to the feminine character, there are none which take a higher rank, in our estimation, than such as enter into a knowledge of household duties.


Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management

Also, it can be both isabeella and less-so, and at times it is just unintentionally really funny. Where do I start? Unlike earlier cookbook authors, such as Hannah Glassethe book offered an “emphasis on thrift and economy”.

The Los Angeles Times. PaperbackOxford World’s Classics, Abridgedpages.

The Book of Household Management, by Isabella Beeton

There follow chapters on the kitchen itself, “marketing” choosing good-quality produce at the marketand an introduction beetob cookery Chapter 6. The content, I doubt I’d rate as five stars–Mrs.

Well, what are we going to do then? Title Page of First Edition.

The Book of Household Management by Mrs. Beeton

Michael, have you taken your cod-liver oil? University of Oklahoma Press. These articles led to “Beeton’s Book of Household Management.