October 10, () the provisions of Republic Act Numbered Sixty-nine hundred seventy-ퟷ ve (R.A. No. hi!pwede po ba ko maka print nitong post mong implementing rules and regulations at paano,thanks. 5 years ago Reply. Are you sure you want. not in conflict with this Act and these Implementing Rules and Regulations and pertinent provisions of R.A. No. (Local Government Code of ) and its.

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The formulation of the ov shall be spearheaded by the Commission, and shall be based on the findings of the National Youth Assessment Study, Youth Development Index, and the directions set by the Philippine Development Plan.

jamminjams: where is the IRR of RA ?

The LDC shall meet at least once every six 6 months or as often as may 7610 necessary. If the funds of the local government unit are sufficient, it can be a separate department with divisions and units for policy and planning, administration and finance, and programs and operations. Such special registration and verification entitles the organization to participate in the LYDC elections.

Such SK raa shall hold office for the unexpired portion of the term of the vacant seat. Thereafter, such amount needed for this purpose shall be included in the Annual General Appropriations Act.

During the said week, they shall hold office as boy and girl officials and shall perform such duties and conduct such activities as may be fo in the ordinance enacted pursuant to this IRR. In ov the president of the Pambayan and Panlungsod na Pederasyon is elected president of the Panlalawigang SK Pederasyon, the vice president of the Pambayan and Panlungsod na Pederasyon shall perform the duties and functions of the president of the Pambayan and Panlungsod na Pederasyon.

Copies of local development plans shall be furnished the DILG. An appeal mechanism shall be formulated by the Commission.

Art. , Rule XXIII, IRR of RA

In addition, a written notice shall be posted i n at least three 3 conspicuous places within the barangay. These representatives shall serve for a term of three 3 years in the LYDC.


Any fair and reasonable doubt as to the existence of the power shall be interpreted in favor of the local government unit concerned The designated KK member shall discharge the duties of the secretary during SK meetings and turn over the minutes of the meeting to the SK secretary. Graph comparing Page Views in March and April. rw

Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 10742

The LYDC shall be headed by the concerned SK Pederasyon President and composed of representatives of youth and youth-serving organizations in the provincial, city, and municipal level. All Pederasyon funds shall be subject to all existing accounting and auditing laws, rules and regulations. These shall be ire to the concerned offices, institutions and individuals; c Prepare and lf the minutes of all meetings of the SK, including all the assemblies of the KK; and d Perform such other duties and discharge such other functions as the SK chairperson may prescribe or direct.

As such, the SK funds shall be deposited in the name of the SK of the concerned barangay in a government-owned bank situated in or nearest to its area orr jurisdiction with the SK chairperson and the SK treasurer as the official signatories; c All SK funds shall be allocated in an annual budget, and if the funds allow, in a supplemental budget in accordance with the adopted ABYIP.

The SK chairperson shall, with the concurrence of the majority of all the SK members, appoint from among the members of the KK, a secretary and a treasurer. Provided, however, that in the appropriation thereof, the specific purpose for which such activity has been held shall be first satisfied: Deliberate failure to attend the said training programs shall constitute sufficient ground to disqualify said SK official or LYDC member or subject them to disciplinary actions.

Failure on the part of the sanggunian to complete the review within the prescribed period shall render the said annual budget deemed approved; and e All SK funds derived from any source shall be stated in its financial records which shall be kept by the SK treasurer, copy furnished the sangguniang barangay, in simplified manner as may be prescribed by the COA.


These programs of knowledge transfer may include dialogues, forum, lectures, classes and other means of transferring knowledge. All notices shall be posted at least three 3 days prior to the conduct of the assembly, except for special assemblies where the notice shall be posted at least one 1 day before the meeting.

Quezon as working document; 2. All calculations must be shown and done in Excel 1 Continuous. If the need arises, representatives from the national government agencies may be invited as resource persons. The Local Government Code of says… in Section In case said member refuses to assume the position or fails to qualify, the SK member obtaining the next highest number of votes shall assume the position of the chairperson for the unexpired portion of the term.

Any elected SK official who possesses all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications is eligible for re-election. On the other hand, Youth Serving Organization is an organization with the same core advocacy but whose members are not entirely composed of the youth which may include civil society organizations ie. Powers and Functions of the KK.

Router Configuration Management Tools. Documents O Grammar checker. Admission to any public tertiary school including state lf and universities and those locally funded public educational institutions shall be subject to the admission policies and requirements of the said college or university. In the case of the SK chairperson, the barangay secretary shall issue the certification of attendance duly noted by the punong barangay. Local Youth Development Council Funds.

Suspension and Removal from Office. The following advocacies shall be represented: