The Eye in the Pyramid has ratings and reviews. Faith said: Take Douglas Adams, give him an unhealthy interest in conspiracy theory, then spike. The Paperback of the The Illuminatus! Trilogy: The Eye in the Pyramid, The Golden Apple, and Leviathan by Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson. Filled with sex and violence–in and out of time and space–the three books of The Illuminatus are only partly works of the imagination. They tackle all.

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Also like ‘The Prisoner’, Illuminatus owes much to the spy books of the sixties, from their freewheeling sexuality to their ultra-modern secret bases and high-stakes secret missions. Lovecraft’s mysterious demise after revealing Cthulhu and the Old Ones, etc.

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The people who hate this book say that it’s just a bunch of of nostalgic hippie hooey. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. It seemed to work out pretty well.

For a work of fiction, Illuminatus! The infamous s computer hacker Karl Koch was illumknatus influenced by The Illuminatus! The trilogy inspired a number of direct adaptations, including a stage play and a comic book illhminatus, and numerous indirect adaptations that borrowed from its themes.

Every view of reality that is introduced in the story is later derided in some way, whether that view is traditional or iconoclastic.

The Thing That Ate the Constitution Wilson offers a definition of “cognitive dissonance” in Cosmic Trigger as an “abrupt contradiction of a person’s reality tge. Retrieved 21 February Later on, it is confirmed several secret societies utilize the postal system.

The Eye in the Pyramid

Unlike other reviewers, I did not find the numerous asides and allusions to be distracting. He is jailed and physically threatened, pyrami one point hallucinating about his own execution.

The parts were first published as three separate volumes starting in September Similarly, the books espouse the use of mind-altering substances to achieve higher states of consciousness, in line with the beliefs of key counterculture figures like Timothy Learywho is mentioned throughout the pygamid novels. Between the lines, Shea is dissecting every corrupt thought and throw-away rumor you could imagine with the cold logic and wit to make this honestly the best book I’ve read in years.


There’s no sense of any such depths to Shea’s work – you could get the same stuff by gathering up some middle-class nineteen year olds who have read Nietzsche for the first time, getting them high, and letting them ramble. Illumnatus yet, it has the most raunchous sex scenes, thrown in just to make it sell, I’m sure, and the authors -whom Ilouminatus never heard of- have the supreme b “The authors are utterly incompetent -no sense of style or structure at all.

If you’ve never read those authors, this book will surely be mind-blowing; if you have read them, this will come off as amateurish apery. I don’t know if the authors can sustain something like this for three novels, but then I didn’t think Stephen Colbert could keep “The Colbert Report” fresh and funny for as long as he did either.

It starts out as a detective story, switches to science-fiction, then goes off into the supernatural, and is full of the most detailed information of dozens of ghastly boring subjects. Quotes from The Eye in the Py Robert Shea has blown me out of the water with his twists and turns through unre The best comedy, conspiracy, paranoia romp ever written.

This is not a conventional novel. That’s not a sufficient prize for the effort expended.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea | : Books

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The complex interconnectedness of the multiple secret societies and head-scratching numerology are interesting concepts, but the tiring silliness and unconventional format keep this from being a fun read. Or a bone-freezing blueprint of disaster to come? It ensures the reader is actually paying attention.

It starts out as a detective story, switches to science-ficction, then goes off into the supernatural, and is full of detailed information about dozens of ghastly boring subjects.


The Illuminatus! Trilogy – Wikipedia

Robert Shea provided a four-paragraph introduction to the rulebook for the Illuminati Expansion Set 1in which he wrote, “Maybe the Illuminati are behind this game. I wouldn’t recommend this book ilouminatus anyone. The trilogy was translated and published in German, again both as separate volumes the three covers of which formed a triptych and an omnibus.

Extracts from its sacred text, the Principia Discordia by Malaclypse the Youngerare extensively quoted throughout the trilogy. Speaking of which, theres quite a bit of graphic sex. He finances his operations by smuggling illicit substances. Earlier in the book, Pynchon’s “The Crying of Lot 49” is brought up, with the Tristero Postal System hinted at as one possible faction of the Illuminati. Illuminati Spreads to America: The American band Machines of Loving Grace took pyrmaid name of a sex act performed by one of the main characters during a Black Mass for the title of ypramid song “Rite of Shiva” on their eponymous album.

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This is the 70’s, hippie, political and conspiracy ridden version of Ready Player One, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but the execution deteriorated noticeably in the latter half. Retrieved 4 March There are moments where bisexuality, homosexuality, and feminist sexual power dynamics are explored, but these tend to be intellectual exercises while the hot, sweaty moments are by and large men acting upon women.

The book is simply poorly wrought. An audacious proposal by the English experimental theater director Ken Campbell to stage Illuminatus! A second issue followed inand a third in Marchafter which the venture stalled although several ashcans of the as yet unpublished Fourth Trip were distributed at comic book conventions in the Detroit and Chicago areas between and