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Terminal equipment is necessary in order to be able to effectively communicate using a telephony service All policy options will therefore be assessed on their compliance with the proportionality principle and options that would not be in line qmministrazione.filetype this principle will be discarded.

These would then risk to become an additional source of potential fragmentation.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Stakeholders pointed out that even for benchmarklng buildings the divergence is quite significant and in some cases national legislation is inadequate. Accordingly, accessible goods and services covered by the EU rules on public procurement will include for instance contracts for construction of public buildings and the built environment in general, pubbljca transport-relevant contracts including means of transportation, the relevant built environment stationsas well as accessible methods of purchasing tickets websites and ticketing machines.

In any case, Member States have not been coordinating among themselves the implementation of the accessibility obligations in the UN Convention.

It is essential that several different components of web development and interaction work together in order for the web to be accessible to people with disabilities. Due to convergence of technology, accessibility requirements can be now addressed more easily due to new possibilities offered by the connectivity of the devices to the Internet.

The companies were venchmarking to provide information about how accessibility is considered when providing goods and services, and estimates of the costs and benefits of accessible goods and services. For more details regarding the methodology, data sources and assumptions made please refer to Annex 7, based on the Deloitte study, which also includes a sensitivity analysis showing how varying the different assumptions influences the cost estimates.

  IEC 82045-1 PDF

Two-thirds of respondents say that they would buy, or pay more for goods and services if they were benchmarkin accessible and better designed for all. Some ICT industry representatives explained that adapting products to divergent accessibility requirements across all EU Member States would be prohibitively expensive and could lead to a decision of not complying with some sets of national legislation.

It benefits industry as there is a wider EU level playing field and quicker boarding provides for time savings. Accessibility labels and certification schemes while intended to foster market development are creating confusion as their requirements, criteria and process for obtaining the related certificates are different and there is no mutual recognition across Member States.

The obligations on the provision of accessible terminals are imposed indirectly through obligations placed on telecommunication service providers. The legal divergence of accessibility requirements has its consequences for the internal market and for the economic operators: As the core objective of this initiative relates to market issues, the impacts on the rights of disabled consumers are assessed in a broad qualitative manner.

The advantage of covering areas of public interest, like accessibility, in horizontal legislation relates to the coherence across sectors and consistency across legal instruments.

Option 3 appears to be the less costly and to be more proportional to the objectives. These obligations also differ in content and scope. bdnchmarking

Pubblicw visitors should have the opportunity to browse a catalogue, search for goods and services, add items in their shopping pubbllica, manage the shopping cart and then proceed to check-out in order to end their order.

According to feedback from consumers, there seem to be insufficient accessible mainstream goods and services on the EU market Removing internal market barriers for architect services in relation to accessibility means that cross-border architect services are not impeded by divergent accessibility requirements related to the built environment.


EUR-Lex – SC – EN – EUR-Lex

It does not exclude the link with Assistive technologies. As regards possible negative impacts, it did not appear in the impact assessment that the overall impact of this policy action would bring about significant costs increases for SMEs as well as other economic operators. Consequently, even ip we only look to the architect fees, retrofitting to conform to accessibility rules appears to be more costly than building accessible from scratch.

This is the case for example amministrazione.filwtype relation to specialist terminal equipment and related relay services. The regulatory fragmentation, for instance with regard to the minimum number of accessible rooms amminlstrazione.filetype a facility, impedes the use of standardised building plans and thus the realisation of economies of scale.

Annex 6 identifies different national approaches regarding accessibility in the area of public procurement. The great majority of respondents were micro, small and medium enterprises. Furthermore, Polish legislation contains a provision allowing ” …to specify additional requirements for the adaptation and use by disabled persons ” for terminal equipment placed on the market, while according to the MEAC Study the following Member States have some standards and guidelines concerning telephone devices: It is also important that benchmxrking user is able to communicate with the e-shop management.

Furthermore it brings clarity to stakeholders about the way to implement the related policy objective.

The revised report takes on board the recommendations of the IAB and introduces the following main modifications and clarifications: Therefore, the problem will not be solved if it is dealt with upbblica at Member State level.