Fusus al Hikam. This seminal work by Ibn ‘Arabi, dating from the 13th century, describes the meaning of universal human spirituality through the medium of. There have been many commentaries on Ibn ‘Arabī’s Fuṣūṣ al-Ḥikam: the first. Ibn ‘Arabi’s own Summary of the Fusûs, introduced and translated by William Chittick. The importance of Ibn ‘Arabi’s Fusûs al-hikam as the quintessence of his .

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All the Divine Names contained in in the divine form 4 appear in this human organism. Allah sets down judgements, and thus submission is the source of your action, and so Din is from your action. Some works are attributed to Ibn Arabi, although only some have been authenticated.

Khayal means imagination, but in the special technical language of Ibn al-‘Arabi the khayal contains an outer and inner meaning. Bloomsbury Academic ; 2nd edition. On Knowing the Station of Love: This volume consists of the English portions of what was originally a bi-lingual book, published in Paris, I will not go any further on the subject but have only touched lightly on the subject so that the idea of this book could be somewhat understood.

So one extols the Divine Presence by the truth of the promise, not the truth of the threat, for one goes beyond it, “and do not imagine that Allah break His promise to His Messengers. That which is manifested is not other than it, nor is it the same as what is manifested according to the variety of forms in principle.

You only know the universe according to the amount you know the shadows, and you are ignorant of the Real according to what wrabi do not know of the person on which that shadow depends. Rather, it would be a potential in the essence arahi the person on whom it depends.

Elevation of place is “We raised him up to a high place,” He tells us that He shows us His signs in the in-time, 8 so we draw conclusions about Him through ourselves. The matter is confusing. Meaning the men of gnosis and illumination. Life is an intelligible reality; knowledge is an intelligible reality. So the One, the All-Merciful, has forms in every place from what is hidden and what is manifest.


He is specified by what specifies you. He will not see see the Real, for it is not possible to see Him. Do you not see that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, received a goblet of milk hikm a dream and he said, “I drank it until satiety came out of my nails, and then I gave ibnn surplus to ‘Umar.

It is continuously in a veil which is not removed, since it knows that it is distinct from its Creator by its need of Him.

Know that universal matters which have no existence in themselves are without a doubt intelligible and known in the mind. Reference to Qur’an, 2: The thing is non-existent in relation to the senses while it is existent in relation to the intellect.

It is true that some people who perceive this say that the reflected form is imposed between the vision of the seer and the mirror. Allah did not so will, so He did not guide all of them, and He will not will it, and it is the same as if He had willed it. Hiam by Charles Kurzman. Examine this connection between individual intelligibles and stence is necessary, rather, it is necessary by another, not by itself.

Anyone can create by illusion in his imagination that which has no existence save in bikam imagination. tusus

The works of Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi – translations from and introductions to many titles

This applies whether they are gifts of the Essence or gifts of the Divine Names. Among this group are those who make a request, neither to hasten it nor for the possibilities of favour, but rather to comply with the command of Allah when He says, “Call on Me and I will answer you.


Sometimes Allah gives it to the slave by means of the All-Merciful, and so the gift is pure from any adulteration which would be contrary to the nature of the moment, otherwise he would not receive the object and what would resemble it.

The lowest one is the one possessed of fantasy: Praise is by the truth of the promise, not the truth of the threat. Since the matter is as I mentioned, the universe obn illusory, and it does not have a real existence.

Ibn Al-Arabi’s Fusus Al-Hikam: An Annotated Translation of “the Bezels of Wisdom”

Believing that the world is the self- manifestation of God, he cl Ibn al-Arabi’s Fusus al-Hikam is a translation of one of the most important works written on Islamic Mysticism. There is only the distinct, so there is no like. So He is its Lord. Since He answers His slave who is the “kingdom”. So the knowledge of those who know Allah is what Nuh indicated in respect to his people by praising them through blame. Oxford University Press At the same time, however, you know that you see the forms, or your own form, only by virtue of the mirror.

We do not describe Him with any quality without also possessing that quality, with the exception of that essential autonomy. The definition of man, for example, includes both his inward and outward; and it is the same with every definable thing. Knowledge does not have an effect on the known, rather the known has an effect on knowledge, and so it accords from itself what it is in its source. He only willed the matter as it is.