Hilary of Poitiers, (AD – AD) is one of the more obscure fathers as he gets very little mention from the other fathers of this period. Hilary of Poitiers, John of Damascus by Philip Schaff. NPNF The Life and Writings of St. Hilary of Poitiers. De Trinitate or On the Trinity. Hilary of Poitiers was Bishop of Poitiers and is a Doctor of the Church. He was sometimes .. Carl Beckwith, Hilary of Poitiers on the Trinity: From De Fide to De Trinitate (New York and Oxford, ). This article incorporates text from a.

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I would like to end today’s Catechesis with trinuty of these prayers, which thus becomes our prayer: Thus, in the summer ofHilary was forced to leave Gaul. Not daring to deny the words themselves, these false teachers, in the mask of religion, corrupt the sense of the words.

Latin Church, also known as the Western Churchthe largest particular church sui iuris of the Catholic Churchand the original and still major part of Western Christianity. Venantius Fortunatus wrote a vita of Hilary bybut few now consider it reliable. Hilary’s symbol came to be three books and a quill pen. Emperor Valentinian I accordingly summoned Hilary to Milan to tye maintain his charges.

Want to Read saving…. This too seems to me to be characteristic: He received a good pagan education, [5] which included a high level of Greek. Kirollos Kamal is currently reading it Dec 26, Hilary’s Episcopal Church; Hisperia, California”.

It does not seem that he grew up in a Christian environment. The yrinity of the Trinity goes back to the earliest traditions in the church. My mind, intent on the study of truth, took delight in these most pious teachings about God. On the Trinity by Hilary of Poitiers. Hilary of Poitiers, one of the important episcopal figures of the fourth century.


On the Trinity

By Ateneo Pontificio “Regina Apostolorum”. He is within all things; He comes forth and is outside all things. Steve Maddux rated it it poitiere amazing Nov 04, It did get modified as time went on though. A synod celebrated in Paris in or borrows the language of the Trniity of Nicea. These include the Liber II ad Constantium imperatoremthe Liber in Constantium inperatoremContra Arianos vel Auxentium Mediolanensem liberand the various documents relating to the Arian controversy in Fragmenta historica.

Those who love are not envious and the one who is the Father is so in his totality.

Writings of Hilary of Poitiers. On the Trinity or De Trinitate

In De TrinitateHilary writes: He saw in all the Psalms this transparency of the mystery of Christ and of his Body which is the Church. Warden of the Society of St. Robert Appleton Company, oc Catholicism portal Book Category.

I’ve been working on going through all of the relevant church writings regarding the Trinity. Timothy marked it as to-read Dec 27, The whole book is a dialogue with God. John Lussier marked it as to-read Apr 25, Here too, his concern as a Pastor impelled him to work strenuously to re-establish the unity of the Church on the basis of oc faith as formulated by the Council of Nicea. However, the supposed heretic gave satisfactory answers to all the questions proposed. Trivia About On the Trinity.

For it did not consider any other thing worthy of God than that He is so far beyond the power of comprehension that the more the infinite spirit would endeavor to encompass Him to any degree, even though it be by an arbitrary assumption, the more the infinity of a measureless eternity would surpass the entire infinity of the nature that pursues it.

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In the last book we treated of the indistinguishable nature of God the Father and God the Son, and demonstrated that the words, I and the Father are One []go to prove not a solitary God, but a unity of the Godhead unbroken by the birth of the Son: Hilary explained in it his personal journey towards knowledge of God and took pains to show that not only in the New Testament but also in many Old Testament passages, in which Christ’s mystery already appears, Scripture clearly testifies to the divinity of the Son and his equality with the Father.

Matt marked it as to-read Sep 15, According to JeromeHilary died in Poitiers in Svigel is currently reading it Sep 01, Thus, He Himself with His whole being contains all things that are within Him and outside of Him, nor is He, the infinite One, separated from all things nor are all things not present within Him who is infinite.

Baptized in abouthe was elected Bishop of his native city around Michael Hayden is currently reading it Sep 24, To view more books in our catalog, visit us at fig-books.