Al Ma’thurat. by Imam Shaheed Hasan Al Banna. Topics Zikr. Morning and Evening Zikr. Identifier AlMathurat. | Al-Ma’thurat is a compilation of important Quranic verses and the authentic ahadith. It is presented in the form of a wird. Hasan al-Banna was born in an age of great turmoil for the Muslims, and translation of Hasan al-Banna’s litany entitled al-Ma’thurat – ,

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Al Mathurat Imam Shaheed Hasan Al Banna : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

We created it for only one thing in mind; to create a peaceful corner that features just inspiring and uplifting material, focused around Universal Values to be reflect upon — at a time never needed more desperately than now Inspiring Themes Every other Friday, we try to feature a new theme which will uplift our spirituality.

Insan beriman dikala pagi ia bertasbih dan berdoa, dikala petang tetap dengan kerendahan jiwanya dengan berzikir kepada Allah. Mohamed Yosri rated it really liked it Jun 08, Skip to content By: But if you see, a red iconlike thisit means you are NOT logged in.

Diah marked it as to-read Apr 25, The IslamiCity site may occasionally contain copyrighted material the use of which may not always have been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

The opinions expressed herein, through this post or comments, contain positions and viewpoints that are not necessarily those of IslamiCity. Senad rated it it was amazing Oct 13, I’ve dwelled on Nadwi’s analysis, firstly, because he was a great scholar and historian may God’s mercy be upon himand, secondly, because Nadwi’s positive position on the essence of the movement – to which he was certainly not a member – must be seen in light of his own great emphasis on the need for spiritual rejuvenation as the foundation of Islam’s revival in society.


The Spiritual Method of Revivalism: On Hasan al-Banna and His Legacy

This sorrow on his part is because Nadwi saw the movement as ‘unmistakably’ the ‘most powerful Islamic movement of modern times and a fast hassn religious endeavour’; one that he felt was certainly well-equipped to ‘working out an Islamic renaissance in West Asia’, if the leaders of Mathurwt thought in the countries of the Middle East [had] given it their unqualified support’.

The weak, though intimidated to the extent of keeping silent and not uttering the word of right, do not get involved in saying the word of wrong.

You are the regular army of Islam, with us behind you as the reserve army. Farah Nabilah Hassan marked it as to-read Oct 29, We feature each theme with a beautiful image.

Nurul Huda marked it as to-read Feb 27, The nassan of Abraham. Hence a study of the man and his legacy should provide some explanations as to why he is still relevant.

For Nadwi, the Egypt of this period was ‘in a most happy position’ to integrate ‘the sciences and techniques developed in the West’ with the ‘moral and spiritual foundations of a clean and successful life that are the real legacy of the Islamic Hqssan, which had been ‘inherited by the Egyptians’ to ‘a large part’; in the process, it could be ‘the fittest vehicle for the augmentation and dissemination of its priceless Islamic heritage’.

Hasan al-Banna, in the Introduction to his English translation of Hasan al-Banna’s litany entitled al-Ma’thurat -members in Egypt by the time the founder was assassinated not mathuurat mention those who could be classed as mere ‘sympathisers’, and those in hhassan countries to which the movement had already spread by that time. In essence, al-Banna’s spiritual method, and that of some of his most notable heirs, is one that conforms to the wide parameters of mathuraat orthodox, or Sunni, method, but with an uncanny tendency to resolve controversies and challenges in a manner that seems reasonable, consistent with the texts, and backed by scholarship – all of which helps explain the lasting relevance of the man and his effort.


This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Apart hasasn the mathurqt material on Hasan al-Banna’s own profound spiritual condition, which is easily available, the best testimony of his training – which expounds the point in glowing detail – can be found in Zainab al-Ghazali’s Return of the Pharaoh. Nevertheless, a this-worldly benefit for spiritual endeavour is also made known to mankind: God teaches us that the revelation – legislating beliefs and laws – is a spiritual healing: Mohamed Yosri rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Haajar, the Migrant – Symbol of Dignity.

The Spiritual Method of Revivalism: On Hasan al-Banna and His Legacy – IslamiCity

Faith is where the tenets, pillars and spiruality related content is found. Qibah idris rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Science section features not just Science but also Nature and Technology. In Islamic Studies, Orientalists and Muslim Scholars, in the course of discussing ‘examples of genuine literary and research endeavours’ in haassan Arab lands, Shaykh Nadwi exhibits a very positive attitude to some of the literary works of al-Banna’s direct heirs; he writes: Related posts from similar topics: Nabil rated it it banns amazing Jun 29, Mukmin sejati akan mengisi ruang masanya dengan berbagai amalan yang dapat mendekatkan diri dengan Allah SWT.