See the infographic below for a quick summary of the method, and a detailed explanation . One of the best things about the GZCL methodology is that you can. Buy GZCL Method: Read 33 Kindle Store Reviews – Sourced from Reddit, lifters, and GZCL himself, this is the most and calculators are based on the general “GZCL Method” for powerlifting.

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A second negative aspect is the lower lift frequency since the lifter is not performing the squat, bench, and deadlift each workout. A lot more detail can be found on his blog and channel.

I attribute probably a solid third of my strength gains, however, to practice under heavy loads, which is what GZCL is all about. As soon docs allow me to exerciseI will train according to this. No medical, injury, or pain related questions 6.

By working within the T1 frequently and practicing its movement you are developing your abilities to handle greater weights, both physically and psychologically. However, the benefit of GZCLP over other linear progression programs is the added volume per workout for each lift through AMRAP sets on the T1 lifts for the day, as well as the 10 rep sets when that movement becomes a T2 a few days later.

There’s also a lot more to programming for performance than improving those things. Once per week at first until you get a handle on your recovery means. Long pause those benches and practice commands for everything. The identifying characteristics of your T1 are: Great article by they way. I wouldnt describe a 10lbs dumbell as zero weight, but technically it is zero weight added I suppose.


Squat Bigger With The GZCL Method

Mickey rated it liked it Oct 30, In contrast, something like a leg curl would be in the rep range for the 30 or more prescribed total reps. I find the way you broke down the sets and reps, as well as the programming, is so well done. So, which to hit first depends on individual differences? Each tier is a nebulous term. My deadlift alone went up from to in that span. I do have one question: An example of this would be high bar squat if you were to use is as an accessory to a low bar squat.

The GZCLP Program: Linear Progression For Beginners (INFOGRAPHIC)

Coach Bear May 21, at 7: Lists with This Book. Obviously if you are moving weight it will show on your physique, shitty form or not. Mr Metuod December 7, at 6: This is what your main lift percentages will be based off.

That’s still out there. Ah, alright, so when do you recommend that someone starts their own program? No self promotion, surveys, or market research. Do they count as T2? Nearly every lifter can squat and deadlift pounds with persistence, proper form, and the right program. Twu rated it really liked it Aug 27, Gzck personally like to work in four-week blocks.

Ciaron rated it liked it Jan 01, GZCL September 14, at 9: I really don’t know how to express mmethod much this simple concept means to me. How do I know which category a lft falls in? Your schedule would look like: This middle section of your pyramid is what supports your maximal strength and holds it together with your base, the foundation of it all.


Swole at Every Height: The GZCL Method, Simplified.

It does matter to me because I would like to know that you also know the fundamentals. Thank you for putting so much quality info out there.

Should I be using it gzcl for a powerbuilding approach or a powerlifting approach? Although, it’s hard to get my numbers up on the big lifts. I find the outlined periodization here: I got to your blog thanks to megsquats.

I think that’s backwards gzc, every other program I’ve ever read. Thanks for sharing this. I have been lifting since last May, only on a cut. As they say, practice makes perfect. I do not mwthod to categorize programs as “novice”, “intermediate”, etc.

Should I start my workout with T1 and then go T2 – T3? If you were able to complete one gcl of goal weight, that’s still progress, especially after being fatigued from the previous sets. Awesome write up, extremely informative.

And is it supposed to feel this easy? Or you could make your T2 movement a lighter variation of the squat. Two years after its conception my total has again gone up by nearly pounds more.