This book on Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu’ contains all of the kata the school, from kamae to Ge Ryaku No Maki. Each Kata has the name in English, Japanese. This “modern” Densho should primarily be regarded as basic manual for daily training. The feature of this book is that the individual motion sequences are. Everything in Ninjutsu is the basics. Whether you’re just beginning to research the art, or a long-time practitioner, the basics form the foundation of your training.

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Originally Posted by Oniwaban.

Koto Ryu | Ninjutsu London Classes

Why Isn’t This Taught? Try the search function to see what’s already been said on Bullshido on this topic. The more you try to follow one thread and unravel the tangle, the bigger the mess you make.

About the teacher of Takamatsu Toshitsugu named Shinryuken Masamitsu Toda, there are no evidence that he ever existed, and -officially- is assumed that he was who taught Shindenfudo-ryu, Koto-ryu, Gyokko-ryu and Togakure-ryu to Takamatsu. The angling of the attacks can often be at 90 degrees to the opponent, so the timing and rhythm of the practitioner must be excellent in order to be successful.

Traditionally only the next soke was taught the Koto Ryu, whereas any student could have been taught the Gyokko Ryu. Log in Forgotten Your Password? So since then, the Koto Ryu and Gyokko Ryu, follow the same lineage. Any information before Takamatsu? I appreciate your good contributions. You might try reposting this in the ninjutsu section of MAP.


Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu

Again, thank you very much. Conditioning for Martial Arts, gyokmo since then has created numerous other online training and coaching programs helping people around the world become the strongest, most capable versions of themselves!

Are this stories true?

I appreciate your contributions. And you might want to stock up on asprin and antacid before you try to sort this all out. Like Gyokko Ryuit is thought to have originated from China, being brought to Japan by a monk called Chan Busho, but when, or even if this is true, dehsho a mystery.

However, there are instances of many ninja knowing both, so it would appear that this was not a steadfast rule. The material associated with Gyokushin Ryu, Gikan Ryu, and Kumogakure Ryu is not widely taught, so information that might be used to verify them independently is sparse. Any other information about this Ryu?

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Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu Archives – Todai Bujinkan Dojo

This type denxho body conditioning changes the way outside forces act on the body. When force is reflected back this is what is known in Japanese as Yamabiko, or Mountain Echo. All are based on yin-yang or in-yo theory – the union of opposites. The name of the school, knocking a tiger downimplies that the techniques are for hitting a larger, more powerful opponent.


Jon August 10, It’s up to you to make conclusions from there. Originally Posted by Bodhi Is this story true? Sean April 14, I love that you delve into other areas of training. But there’s no getting away entirely from the Kool-Aid. Although, even without seeing the pose, the name is a dead giveaway! Below are just a few of them, there are others. Hi I believe he made-up Togakure-ryu, Shindenfudo-ryu, Koto-ryu and Gyokko-ryu with what he could had learned in China and then he combined with the lots of Densho that he collected during his live, but there are some people who affirm that Shindenfudo-ryu, Koto-ryu and Gyokko-ryu “can be traceable before Takamatsu”.

Log in Remember Me? This classic posture of one hand up, one hand down splitting heaven and earth is seen throughout Asian martial culture as a way of codifying Internal Power training.

About The Author Jon. Togakure-ryu simply can not be traceable before Takamatsu, so I believe that he is the real founder of this Ryu-ha.