GURPS Character Sheet (GCS) is a stand-alone, interactive, character sheet editor that allows you to build characters for the GURPS 4th Edition roleplaying. 0. Name. Player. Point Total ______ 0. Ht ______ Wt ______ Size Modifier ______. Age ______ Unspent Pts ______. Appearance. CHARACTER SHEET. None (0)= BL: Light (1)= BL x 2: Med (2)= BL x 3: Hvy (3)= BL x 6: X-Hvy (4)= BL x BM x 1: BM x BM x BM x BM x Dodge: Dodge

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Infinite Worlds is easily one of my favorite settings, though trying to keep track of how all of the departments interact can be tricky, especially when it comes to remembering exactly where the United Nations fit in.

Page 1 of 5. Basically, this is the file that I print out for my own games. For those gamers, this part-rant, part-article attempts to present Weirdness Magnet in a new light.

GURPS Character Sheet

An easy to 4ty game with plenty of replay value and plenty of Phil Foglio catgirls. Hardened DR reduces both enhancements normally. My players just never seem to use it.

That said, you have to do it just right for it to work. To address this, there are already several decent character sheet management software packages. This record sheet is now available from the Fan-Created Material page on the official Frag site.

GURPS C-Sheet Package

Modifying Spells is an easy answer to the question, “How can I gurrps my fireball homing? I’m just going to leave this here This change attempts to fix that issue.

Mass combat systems have their place — specifically, when the PCs initiate a huge battle with another sizeable force. First, I simply fill in some of the details at the top of the sheet: After a quick bug-spotting, I have updated the ‘live’ code on the site for v1.


The editjon to achieve this is to change the base cost, so Static Resistible is 15 points and Static Complete is 4rh points. I mixed in my interest in role-playing games and decided to create a browser-based character sheet manager for my favorite game system, GURPS.

It includes all of the boring stuff — the 4tu new traits, the equipment lists, and so on. This is based on a loose combination of original Deadlands, the newer Savage Worlds take on it, and some of my favorite things about how GURPS does things.

GURPS Character Sheet

All of the notes and characters for a convention game I ran at Orccon Read on to see why the question of “who wins” is a meaningless one — and why the battle itself should never take center stage.

Until that changes, sharing any version of it hurps the copyright — purchasing the PDF version of the book is the only way to get it and note, it is not form-fillable.

So I created this file. Oops, apparently it is something I can do on my end who knew? These three drawbacks focus on the problems usually cited in real-life for cheap guns. Obviously, hidden or secret languages are not on this list. I’ll be using those rules instead. This data file implements the two tweaks that I recommended to balance Ritual Magic.

Some gamers see each Wildcard skill as restricted to a fixed list, instead of as a cinematic “uber-skill. It makes slams much easier to deal with. Combining similar dialects broadens the scope of many languages. It also features a few traits Unusual Backgrounds, Secret Psiand Patron Psionic Institute to facilitate the creation of a psionic character. Primarily focused on new skills and stunts, along with ways to keep the show’s themes in focus.


Nothing gameable here, I’m afraid. I should also have worked out the details that will let me finally offer supplemental library access. After sparking a discussion about this with several veteran gamers, I’ve tried to condense the key issues and solutions down to a single article. Alternatively, if you don’t mind extra detail, the firearm’s HT is unchanged.

GURPS Character Sheet free download for Mac | MacUpdate

All of my house rules here have been extensively playtested and have had a positive effect on the system. The simple GURPS Spaceships rules are a natural fit for Traveller games, as they give the ship just enough detail to be useful, but not so much that flying the ship turns ddition a wargame. As with the Talents, you’ll want to select “Wildcard! The simple solution is to again reduce the values proportionately.

When quitting, windows with modified contents should now always give the user a chance to save their data. Some years gur;s I wrote some software to generate random names for characters belonging to some fantasy cultures: To view or hide the content in a given section, just click on its header. A set of ground rules and a modifier for characters who use their Modular Abilities to build “super gadgets” like “Density Nullification Rays” and “Teleportation Belts”.

How about a card game with a charactre sense of humor that doesn’t sacrifice good gameplay for the laugh?

First, it makes it easier for new players to remember the goals.