The Complete Little World of Don Camillo (The Don Camillo Series) [Giovanni Guareschi, Adam Elgar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Little World of Don Camillo has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Don Camillo: Mondo piccolo = The Little World of Don Camillo (Don Camillo. The Complete Little World of Don Camillo has 50 ratings and 10 reviews. Huw said: I was first introduced to Don Camillo in my teens so it was an absolute.

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In the post-war years gjareschiDon Camillo Tarocci his full name, which he rarely uses is the hotheaded priest of a small town in the Po valley in northern Italy. It was amusing, but had a weird sense of humor. On might think that the simplicity described is a weakness, but it is most assuredly a strength, as stripped down tales are surprisingly deep, and complex in terms of human understanding. As somebody once said, ‘Though they have eyes, yet they cannot see’.

He was a journalist, writer, humorist. In matters of stubbornness Don Camillo camiol something of an expert but in this case all he could do was mutter some semi-biblical phrases about the stiff-necked race of sports fans. In he was drafted into the army, which apparently helped him to avoid trouble with the fascist authorities.

The author illustrated his books with his own comic sketches, as tuareschi on this Penguin cover. Hanley 1 January Camiol would be hard pressed to find a more charming book anywhere than this set of short stories. He is quite prepared to don a false beard and moustache and knock out a champion boxer – or even toss a bomb onto the roof of the People’s Palace, thus exploding a case of dynamite that had been hidden there, so saving the village from an even worse danger.

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The Complete Little World of Don Camillo by Giovannino Guareschi

A short, simple series of stories that are surprisingly insightful and deep, while staying very clearly within the rules set out. It is only occasionally that Camillo has to act guaresschi a detective, as when he comes across a young man whom he distinctly remembers as having buried during the war.


Back in Italy after the war, he became editor in chief of Candido magazine in Milan. Arwen rated it liked it Nov 08, Occasionally, though, there is a sudden break in the continuity, as when Peppone discovers that he cannot pay for his new premises and has to sell up and work in Milan – but there is no mention of any of this in the next story in which guareschk is as prosperous and firmly established as ever.

They always understand and respect each other when one is in danger, when a flood devastates the town, when death takes a loved one, and in many other situations in which the two “political enemies” show their mutual respect for one another and fight side by side for the same ideals even if they are each conditioned by their individual public roles in society.

The story takes place during a time where Communism was very big and created many problems. Ranjit rated it it was amazing Apr 25, The Little World of Don Camillo is less one story and more a series of slightly connected vignettes: When he reached the river bank he stopped. The Christian Democrats offer him a job at the garage and a new suit of clothes if he would join them. If you keep this in mind, you will easily come to know the village priest, Don Camillo, and his adversary, Peppone, the Communist Mayor.

I really enjoy the way Don Camillo and Peppone are apparently enemies, total opposites yet really best friends, both working for the good of others. Another aspect of the appeal is that the Little World is inspired by the spirit of a real place and its people. He wants to realise the communist ideals, and the Roman Catholic priest Don Camillo is desperately trying to prevent this. Giovannino Oliviero Giuseppe Guareschi Italian: Your men had twenty-two legs and so had the Dynamos, Don Camillo, and all legs are equal.

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Don Camillo, you have to help those who still have faith and keep it intact Di episodio in episodio si compone una piccola cittadina, compaiono i suoi abitanti, le sue figure storiche, le sue situazioni strane, le sue lotte fra cittadiniā€¦ Qui si chiamano Don Camillo e PepponeLo Smilzo, la signora Cristina, ect. This tragicomical stories, often politically or socially charged, mostly situated in a fictional village on the Po called Boscaccio, in the period immediately after World War II, paint a clear picture of the post-war Italy.

Remains to Be Seen Elizabeth Cadell.

The Complete Little World of Don Camillo

These were French-Italian coproductions and were simultaneously released in both languages. Refresh and try again. Dec 11, Madhulika Liddle rated it it was amazing. The translation of these stories is simple, but eloquent.

Comrade Don Camillo

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Despite their bickering, the goodness and generosity of each character can be seen during hard times. In this period the Italian Communist Party is very strong, but the Second World War and fascism are still vividly remembered.

That way they’ll stay quietly at home and not go bothering other people. It is like walking with one’s eyes bandaged on an unknown road. The first 5 books of stories are included in this anthology. He calls themselves a Christian but is invariably downright rude about the clergy particularly Don Camillo and the Pope, but he still encourages his followers to get their children baptized and get married before the altar.