Written by Terry Goodkind, narrated by Jim Bond. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. Chainfire has ratings and reviews. Doc Opp said: Goodkind sure knows how to spin a good yarn if only he would stick to his storytelling and. The Sword of Truth is a series of twenty epic fantasy novels written by Terry Goodkind. Because Richard refuses to sacrifice his values and lives his life as a free man, others begin to understand the nobility of man and what it means to be free. . Three novels of the series, Chainfire, Phantom, and Confessor, were written.

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Debt of Bones Debt of Bones By: I have read the eight books that came before this one. Write a customer review. So that all the change she had affected on a personal level was undone.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. If you used to like this series and gave up in frustration after the debacle of the Naked Empire and a few of the books before itthis recording though heavily flawed, is worth hearing to advance the story. I wouldn’t say on the whole that its worth it – unless you’ve been reading the series for a while and want to know what happens to the characters.

I like fantasy books where magic evolves into a system of science.

The villains the same. I’ve saved you paying for it. If any character in a book were to mimick Jesus, this would be the one.

Its primary focus is Richard’s quest for Kahlan.


Sure Nicci and Cara contributed to that as well, but these three, Nathan, Ann and Zedd especially Ann were the real culprits. If you are born a writer, and you possess the will, you will do what you need to in order chaijfire write. Join them as they chronicle that fateful conflict between two mortally opposed Destinies, in a monumental war of men and goodkjnd and gods.

Richard, Kahlan and Zedd journey to the Midlands in search of the last Box of Orden that Rahl needs to acquire before he can use the magic of Orden.

This was a pleasant change. Richard goes on like he was never hurt to begin with.

Chainfire: Chainfire Trilogy Part 1

He has this annoying habit of dancing around the exact cause of drama, and just trying to build drama around the reader not knowing things that everyone in the scene clearly knows. He lives through the ordeal only to discover something gravely disturbing, Kahlan is missing. It’s a good indication of just how much one person’s influence chainflre have on an individual and since Kahlan was such a well known person across the world Goodkind provides people have changed because of it.

Retrieved from ” https: In the company of his friend, the swordsman Blays, Dante travels to the island.

On April 2,a video went up on Terry Goodkind’s official site and YouTube channel promoting a new Richard and Kahlan novel that was released on August 16, Goodkind does include a lot of history of previous books in each subsequent book, I’d imagine to fill in some blanks for people who’ve not read the previous, but he almost never mentions Order or the Sisters.

Good God how about one book of him reeking havoc and destruction on the imperial order? No one wants to read chhainfire.


Chainfire: Chainfire Trilogy Part 1 – Goodkind Terry

By now you would think they would take his word as gospel because he is the seeker and up to this point he has never been wrong.

Stop chaonfire it over our heads already. However, I did not find the main premise of the storyline that convincing for most of the book. I just hope the next installment gets better. The Sisters have cast a spell using subtractive magic to chaainfire people’s memories of Kahlan and Kahlan’s memories of herself.

And Drama that feels forced does NOT feel dramatic.

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This book is also part 1 of a trilogy yeah, figure that out! Bereft of magic, Richard has only his sword, his wits, his capacity for insight – and an extraordinary companion, the young Samantha, a healer just coming into her powers.

Richard, Nicci and Cara return to the Wizard’s Keep and, with the information gathered from Tovi and the book “Chainfire”, they finally manage to convince Zedd, Nathan, and Ann of the truth. Flash Back Horror In this book, I got tired of hearing about everything that happened in the past. Jun 06, Jessica rated it really liked it. Take the 40 page long conversation between Richard and Shota.

I can’t take it anymore.