The first thing you will need to renew your driving licence is a D form – this will be sent to you by post and should be returned to your nearest participating. please, please sorry – i’m not new to this site but i am new to this new set-up and can’t find the search box trying to renew my driving licence. I did not receive D renewal notice via the UK address I used – my Gov website states that I can obtain Form D1 from Post Offices (but not.

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You can check the expiry date of your photo in section 4b on the front of your driving licence. Sorry if I didn’t make it clear that this was the only way of making your UK paper licence valid dorm these countries. Little discontinuities like that are part of the customer journey. You are logged in as a guest. Call it an ” identity card ” and there are storms of protest.

How to renewing the photo on your driving licence

It might take longer if DVLA have to check your medical or personal fotm. Patricia – 1: In addition to a D2 form you will also need to send original documentation confirming your name change. Still, that will be free! Drivers aged 70 yrs or older must renew their drivers licence every three years. If you are sent a form it will list the closest Post Offices where you can renew your photo.


Renewing photocard WITHOUT the renewal form by post

This is becoming Kafkaesque I would be extremely grateful if someone could confirm or otherwise that I can renew my photocard by post my details, other than address are as previously without additional “ID” requirements. Perhaps you need assistance form filling?

For et al, As has been mentioned earlier many countries require a driving licence bearing a photograph firm hence your ‘old paper’ licence will not be valid. I can choose between giving my entire usable remains or a selection of organs. H Hope you don’t travel abroad as green ones are not valid outside the UK which would also mean you would be driving without insurance. The form was interesting: The way the form has to be used within a wider context.

I am 70 this year so I suppose I will have to renew it with photo etc. DVLA aims to send your gorm driving licence to you within three weeks of getting your application. You must have an insurance policy that allows you to drive without supervision. But as many as 2 million have not updated their photo, leaving them vulnerable to a nasty surprise if stopped with an invalid driving licence.

Order DVLA forms

Remember, it is essential to renew your licence as soon as your existing licence runs out, however it is best to start your renewal within 90 days of your due date. I personally think that not having the photocard could throw up a bit of hassle and might be time consuming even if it is still legal to use the paper one abroad.


Though no new all-paper licences are now gorm, if you have one, these generally do not expire until you are 70, so you don’t need to do anything until then unless your address or personal details change. Rest assured, one call will connect you directly with a DVLA advisor. When else to change your licence Your licence also needs to be updated if you change your address or change your name.

Pages A pie for my mum About a pie About me. How was I supposed to make a sensible decision about posting or post-officing without knowing the facts? GB Without an elaborate authentication framework.

There was a covering letter on the form that even went to the trouble of telling me where my two nearest post offices were that could do the photo service bit. You can start driving as soon as you pass your driving test. With an expired driving licence.

Mar 08, In most circumstances, you ll need to renew the photo on your driving licence before it expires, as the photo s only valid for When is the government not the government?