The ‘EPG’ in the title of this model stands for the following –. Ethnocentrism; Polycentrism; Geocentrism. Knowing where your organization lies under these three. Ethnocentrism is pre- dominantly a home country orientation. Ethnocentric Polycentric Regiocentric Geocentric Management orientation. Ethnocentric is a staffing policy that is used in companies that has primarily international strategic orientation. This policy is generally adopted by headquarters.

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On the downside, however, there is a concern regarding duplication which can cause costs to rise. The way businesses and staff view the world is described as international management orientations.

Ethnocentric staffing means to hire management that is of same nationality of parent company. Polycentrism [ disambiguation needed ] is one of the three legs in the Regiocnetric framework that “identifies one of the attitudes or orientations toward internationalization that is associated with successive stages in the evolution of international operations” [7].

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Views Read Edit View history. Understandably, the company must keep international knowledge and experience as criteria in the recruitment and selection process.

H-1B workers may be employed temporarily in a specialty occupation or as a fashion model of distinguished ability. Because a strategy based mainly on one of the three elements can mean significantly different costs or benefits to the firm, it is necessary for a firm to carefully analyze how their firm is oriented and make appropriate decisions moving forward.

The right way to approach running a business on an international scale is going to depend on the business at hand, the people involved, and plans for the future. A spokesperson for Hero MotoCorp said several experts have joined the company of late. There is often ineffective planning due to poor feedback from the international subsidiaries. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. In many ways, this is an approach that falls somewhere between the first two that we have covered.


Geocentric approach When a company adopts the strategy of recruiting the most suitable persons for the positions available in it, irrespective of their nationalities, it is called a geocentric approach. The term multinational company is often used to describe such a structure.

In these companies, opportunities outside the home country are ignored. Employers must verify work eligibility by completing Form I-9 along with required supporting documents. It must be understood that there is limited control or communication between the home and host-country, and products and distribution may vary efhnocentric countries.

EPRG Framework

For instance, there is the loss of national sovereignty when one nation is dominated by another — this can lead to a loss in economic and political nationalism.

One shortcoming of the regiocentric approach is that managers from the region may not understand the view of the managers at headquarters. This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic.

This is due to the fact that the end objective of any selection process is to choose the most capable persons for the job. It is essential that the ethnicentric of an international organization is aware of the nuances of international business. A polycentric approach “gives rise to the problems of coordination and control.

EPG model – Wikipedia

The roles for which they polyxentric hired include product development, ride and handling, vehicle refinement, architecture, technology-led programmes, safety to meet global standards, electric vehicle, etc. The general rationale behind the ethnocentric approach is that the staff from the parent country would represent the interests of the headquarters effectively and link well with the parent country.

While there are many obstacles that will hinder a company’s ability to become geocentric, there are also a handful of forces which will drive them towards this. Even those organizations which initially adopt the ethnocentric approach may eventually switch over lo the polycentric approach. It has been introduced by Howard V.


The sole goal of geocentrism is to globally unite both headquarters and subsidiaries. Indian Information Technology companies supported nearly 2.

Ethnocentric, Polycentric, Regiocentric, and Geocentric Approaches

The EPG Model provides insight in how far an organisation has internationalised. Polycentric approach When a company adopts the strategy of limiting recruitment to the nationals of the host country local peopleit is called a polycentric approach. Often there are major differences between countries in a region. The regiocentric approach uses managers from various countries within the geographic regions of business. In Geocentric orientation nationalities are largely ignored, with the company being run as a global enterprise rather than a large corporation which is deeply rooted in one specific nation.

An H-1B alien may work for any petitioning U. K Sudarshan, managing partner — India at EMA Partners, is currently running global searches for CXO-level executives in engineering industry across operations, safety, process excellence and quality functions.

EPRG Framework – Management Study HQ

The idea behind ethnocentrism is the concept that the organization is going to default to the thinking, traditions, and more of its home country. As is usually the case, there are positives and negatives to be seen with this pattern.

Then the database is analysed for choosing the best and most suitable persons polyceentric global assignments ethnocentic this process is called technical skills assessment. The ethnocentric attitude is seen often when home nationals of various countries believe they are superior to, more trustworthy and more reliable than their foreign counterparts.

What is accepted as a permissible way of treating employees in the United States, the home country, may not be acceptable to Chinese employees, in the host country.