The eThekwini Declaration continues the trend of successively widening and deepening cooperation between the BRICS. The 5th BRICS. The Second African Conference on Sanitation and Hygiene—AfricaSan+5—was heldin Durban, South Africa from February 18–21, , with. 5th BRICS Summit – eThekwini Declaration and Action Plan. 1. We, the leaders of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the.

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The eThekwini declaration and AfricaSan action plan | Protos

This is a major step towards institutionalizing cooperation: In March we directed our Finance Ministers to examine the feasibility and viability of setting up a New Development Bank for mobilising resources for infrastructure and sustainable development projects in BRICS and other emerging economies and developing countries, to supplement the existing efforts of multilateral and regional financial institutions for global growth and development.

This may sound encouraging, but falls clearly short of actual Russian and Chinese support for providing permanent seats to Brazil, India and South Africa – yet this is largely due to Japan’s role in the G4, and thus unlikely to be resolved at a BRICS Summit.

This is, particularly regarding the contingency fund, a certain disappointment. We welcome the appointment of the new Chairperson of the AU Tehekwini as an affirmation of the leadership of women. We believe that the internationally agreed development goals including the Millennium Development Goals MDGs address the needs of developing countries, many of which continue to face developmental challenges, including widespread poverty and inequality.

We also remain concerned about reports of deterioration in humanitarian conditions in some countries. We are committed to ensure that new proposals and approaches to the Doha Round negotiations will reinforce the core principles and the developmental mandate of the Doha Round.

We will review progress made in these two initiatives at our next meeting in September Following the report from our Finance Ministers, we are satisfied that the establishment of a New Development Bank is feasible and viable. This may point to an emerging “BRICS Consensus” – symbolized by the pursuit of a state-led economic growth strategy sustained by strong development banks.


We recognize the critical positive role the Internet plays globally in promoting economic, social and cultural development.

The eThekwini declaration and AfricaSan action plan

We also underscore the need for appropriate action to be taken by advanced economies in order to rebuild confidence, foster growth and secure a strong recovery.

We will seek to stimulate infrastructure investment on the basis of mutual benefit to support industrial development, job-creation, skills development, food and nutrition security and poverty eradication and sustainable development in Africa. We are ready to work with the international community to assist in this endeavour and facilitate progress to a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

He is the author of IBSA: He is currently writing a book on Ddclaration role in Latin American politics. In some key countries unemployment stays unusually elevated, while high levels of private and public indebtedness inhibit growth.

Finally, the eThekwini Action Plan is quite similar to last year’s Delhi Action plan which was largely fulfilled – listing an impressive number of ministerial meetings during most of Many LICs are currently in a weaker position to deal with exogenous shocks given the more limited fiscal buffers and the constrained aid envelopes, which will affect their ability to sustain progress towards achieving the MDGs.

We agree that the next summit cycles will, in principle, follow the sequence of Brazil, Russia, India, China and Drclaration Africa. We are fully committed to a coordinated inter-governmental process for the elaboration of the UN development agenda. In this regard, we stress that the development agenda beyond should build on the MDG framework, keeping the focus on poverty eradication and human development, while addressing emerging challenges of development taking into consideration individual national circumstances of developing countries.

We also reiterate our call for concluding negotiations as soon as possible in the UN General Assembly on the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism and its adoption by all Member States and agreed to work together towards this declarwtion.

The declaration has an assertive ring to it: We underscore our commitment to work together in the UN to continue our cooperation and strengthen multilateral approaches in international relations based on the rule of law and anchored in the Charter of the United Nations.


We reaffirm our support for an open, transparent and rules-based multilateral trading system. This is a major step towards institutionalizing cooperation:. Paragraph 26 strikes a balance between Russian interests regarding Syria opposing any further militarization of the conflict and civil society, which ceclaration urged the Brazilian and South African government in particular to include a call to.

Furthermore, this requires the honouring of all commitments made in the outcome documents of previous major international conferences. We extend support to the efforts aimed at combating illicit traffic in opiates originating in Afghanistan within the framework of the Paris Pact.

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We reiterate our commitment to work together for accelerated progress in attaining the Millennium Development Goals MDGs by the target date ofand we call upon other members of the international community to work towards the same objective. Significant risks remain and the performance of the global economy still falls behind our expectations.

SMEs are major ethkwini of jobs and wealth. We aim at declaratioh developing BRICS into a full-fledged mechanism of current and long-term coordination on a wide range of key issues of the world economy and politics.

eThekwini Declaration and AfricaSan Action Plan

The initial contribution to the Bank should be substantial and sufficient for the Bank declaratiin be effective in financing infrastructure. We express our deep concern with the deterioration of the security and humanitarian situation in Syria and condemn the increasing violations of human rights and of international humanitarian law as a result of continued violence.

Indonesia’s Mari Elka Pangestu is thought to be the favorite. International Politics in Consultative meeting of BRICS Senior Officials in the margins of relevant sustainable development, environment and climate related international fora, where appropriate.