HWS® (HOLOGRAPHIC WEAPON SIGHT). See inside cover for distribution statement. NSN: (model ). EOTech Technical Manual ver. F. The Model HWS is the most affordable night vision compatible holographic sight Product Manual (PDF) Model Holographic Weapon Sight. EOTech manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration.

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VW emissions are one thing, but hell people are using these things to stay alive, it never ceases to amaze me what people will do to make money! The knob towards the front is the windage adjustment and the knob towards the rear is the elevation adjustment.

Purchased direct from Eotech. Holographic Window – Contains the embedded holographic reticle pattern that forms a virtual image of the reticle when illuminated by laser light.

All products listed in this online catalog are of the highest quality and intended solely for use by our military and law enforcement clients. Show only see all. Page 24 change the brightness level up or down continuously in steps.

EOTech : Manual

Also, eotwch vastly inferior battery life and overheating issues with certain platforms and mounting options. All Auction Buy It Now. A night vision device gathers available light particles called photons, and through electrical, and chemical process amplifies them to produce usable image in near complete darkness.

I want to clear something up about the G36 scandal that eotceh comes up due to excessive missinformation:. Only when you use the G33 magnifier and try to shoot at longer ranges will this be a big problem. Fingerprints and lubricants can be wiped off with lens tissue or a soft cotton cloth, moistened with lens cleaning fluid or glass cleaner sold in any camera store.


The Navy or the Military needs to make sure that the weapons that are being procured for our men to use in war are the very best that they can be. Such adjustments would only be made during a zeroing procedure where accurate target data could be assessed and accounted for. Thanks for any input. One lithium battery. Page 53 Part N New other see details. It is about the same price point as an aimpoint, but I definitely prefer it to any tubular red dot.

This mount positions the Picatinny rail on top of the carry handle. I am just keep rocking my Aimpoint PRO, which is still going strong on its original battery. A conviction, or an administrative finding against the Company that satisfies the requisite level of seriousness, could result in debarment from contracting with the federal government for a specified term.

For this reason Lithium AA batteries are recommended for cold weather operations. Single transverse battery to reduce sight length. Man, is it lightning fast at close range.

Interesting to me that these are what were sitting on top of the German G36s that initially started all the G36s are unsuitable for combat stuff. ,anual was just thinking of those 55 drills in deg weather…. I love their field of view, and their reticle. Government regulations, an indictment of the Company by a federal grand jury, or an administrative finding against the Company as to its present responsibility to be a U. I did not make myself clear. The optical system and the window are coated with anti-reflection material.

If the manufacturing date located on the bottom of the sight is more than two years old, a fee will be assessed for repair to include the cost of both parts and labor. Ensure the batteries are inserted properly according to the diagram on the bottom of the battery cap. Looking at it now, it is really stupid. HK tried but could not make them suitable for police work. A purchase order will be required to process the repair. Things like Nuclear Powered Attack Submarines.


It’s night vision-compatible and has been battle-tested by Special Forces units around the world. Here are some examples of old and new user manuals: Base mounts to Picatinny rail and ring to NV tube. How many of us here are EVER going to be using an EOtech outside in those conditions, much less be outside ourselves in those conditions? All this could have been prevented with a simple battery tester.

To write the obvious, this is done without firing the weapon. T echnical Manual ver.

Who the hell am I? Just a peon with an Internet connection. I would suggest few soldiers are using the optic at fahrenheit.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

I wonder if they have sorted the problems out for the Elite Mil guys. If Aimpoint came out with a 1 moa, I know a bunch of people who would have dropped EO Tech years ago. Your Reflex Sight features click mechanisms for elevation and windage 5522.

Should your hood require repair or replacement, please contact your unit armorer for repair, replacement, or turn in to the manufacturer L-3 EOTech for repair or replacement. No more, I guess.