After being accepted at a performing arts school, Emme, Carter, Sophie, and Ethan form friendships and begin to reassess their goals as musicians and actors . Take a Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Four students at a high school for the performing arts find that sometimes life’s most important auditions happen off-stage.

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Even the brittle friendship between Sophie and Emme Another kudo to Ms Eulberg for the intricate ways all four storylines connected and intersected each other: All four voices are original, authentic, vibrant and compelling.

Carter was the former child star who just wanted to have a normal life. It took almost until the end of the book for Emme to finally realize Sophie isn’t her best friend anymore just a jealous girl. Margie Cortina Top Reviewer View all my reviews I loved everything about it, but I can’t help but think that if it was longer, the book would be more completed and perhaps, we’d get more development for Emme’s feelings for Ethan: Who would believe that in pages divided by four since there are four different POV characters could be so well developed?

From singers and musicians to actors and painters, this is where the creative shine.

I also very much loved the romance between Emme and Ethan and I liked how Ehlberg Eulberg focused on theirs, that she didn’t feel obligated to give everyone a love story. I loved that she chose to write from four different points of view. I probably could have finished it in one sitting but I took my time with the book.

Take a Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg | Scholastic

P I hope everyone who gives it a go enjoys it as much as I did: He can still handle it though, until Emme starts dating another student in the music program and he loses it again. Realistic dialogue and a healthy dose of teen angst keep the pages turning. Take a Bow is filled with beautiful messages. She is in her best friend’s shadow her whole life.


Five shiny gold stars! Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. The story, based on the familiar premise of artsy teens, shows surprising depth as it tackles issues including emotional vulnerability, authenticity and betrayal. I liked the characters. I have a feeling Ms Eulberg wanted to write about friendships at different states and how they affect one’s life and she did a great job.

It left him shattered and he found himself in a very dark place. Anyway, yeah, I had some problems reading this; it’s a fairly interesting concept but the execution needs work.

Unfortunately for me, I really enjoy reading.

I found that she is not a push over as I had thought, but is actually very strong and can stand up for herself when the need arises. Berbeda dengan Sophie, Carter sang bintang yang sudah terkenal semenjak masa kanaknya menginginkan hal wajar dikehidupannya.

Nothing against Juilliard, it’s one of my dream schools and has a fantastic flute faculty, but it’s so overused in media. Emme was probably the best, because I loved to follow her as she found herself at Ethan’s urging. Sekolah adalah salah satunya. What I liked is that Ms Eulberg didn’t backtrack at the end, redeeming her character. Emme has long lived in her best friend Sophie’s shadow.

I recommend this book especially If you’re looking for a cute and engaging, and yet inspirational contemporary, look no further!

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At least I know for sure MSM. Even when he tried to suggest another talent to showcase, he was basically shut down. Even if it means using her best friend and picking up a trophy boyfriend, Carter.


I also r I won this book from Goodreads First Reads. The fact that there are four first-person point of views packed into an under three-hundred page story may cause some readers to balk initially—questioning whether or not there will be enough time to adequately connect to each character before reachin Take a Bow is a short but surprisingly emotional read, thrusting into the midst of a creative and performing arts school as four very different students try to find their way through their classes, their futures, and their individual relationships.

Then again, perhaps my mood upon reading this book was simply cynical, and someone more forgiving might find the story compelling and the characters realistic. Being up on stage gives me an adrenaline rush like nothing else.

At first, she ellzabeth to be shy and not confident, but the inner strength this girl has! I’m not big on Glee and all the musical talent shows, I don’t hate them – they just don’t interest me all that much. If I had started this one on the weekend I wouldn’t have gotten up for anything, but with work, I couldn’t avoid having to put in my eight hours at the office.

Nah kalau penokohan, itu lain cerita. I absolutely hated Sophie, the self-centered singer who only dreams of the spotlight. Habis menutup buku ini, komentar saya adalah And now I’ll end.