El Testamento Maya/ the Maya Testament: Steve Alten: : Books. Aquí si se evaluan varias teorias acerca de los Mayas y sus interpretaciones. El Testamento Maya By Steve Alten is about the Maya calendar and the Maya .. y el dia de la independencia, obtienes este libro el testamento maya, un libro. The Paperback of the El testamento Maya (La trilogía Maya #1) by Steve Alten at Barnes El prisionero del cielo (The Prisoner of Heaven).

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Julius believes the sites of the ancients, placed all around the globe, represent ancient pieces of a puzzle linked to the salvation kaya our species.

Books by Steve Alten. I really loved Alten’s shark books and this one was pretty good too.

Domain (The Domain Trilogy, #1) by Steve Alten

Cars that testmento not use keys to start. Therefore, I congratulate Steve Alten, a writer of fiction who has the guts to dare to inform and entertain us as at the same time and all that with a limited host of characters he directs his full focus upon. People die, people cheat, people get elected to office. Mick is in an insane asylum.

I glanced at the blurb and thought interestingbut put it back and decided to look it up in the library. The antagonist of the book. But somehow Domain, Steve Alten’s sci-fi doomsday page-turner, kept me glued enough that I actually think I’m going to start giving sci-fi another chance.

When he learned high school teachers were actually using his books in the classroom MEG had been rated 1 book for reluctant readers Steve launched Adopt-An-Author, a nationwide non-profit program designed to encourage students to read. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Now it’s on to La Resurreccion Maya. And he has a habit of randomly underlining words in his journal, and I mean randomly.

To ask other readers questions about Domainplease sign up. Still, it was well researched and interesting. Other books in the series.


He is suffering because his mother dumped her fiance on the eve of her wedding and run off with his father. The “squeezing” in of such characters, and the premises they come can quickly get alienated by the plot and vice versa. At the completion of the novel, I discovered it is the first atlen a trilogy. Yes, I liked it, but there again, I believe in aliens and space ships, and that we are not alone! First, to continue to work hard to become a better storyteller and create exciting page turning thrillers.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I don’t like aliens or Star Trekky-like creatures. It is deadly and kills anyone it touches, it also causes anyone who touches them people it touched to die.

El Testamento Maya (Trilogía Maya): : Steve Alten: Books

He grew up with a mother and father who spent his childhood going from archaeological to archaeological site looking for clues that testamenot ancient men were helped to advance by aliens!

I was horrified, i was intrigued. See 1 question about Domain….

Just as all hell is about to happen Mick figures out that touching the spaceship activates it, because he is one of the decedents of the alien supermen. After all, I doubt I’d have to live through the latter considering my geographical location altsn close to St. He then pulls it open to reveal an ancient map of the world which he quickly photographs which is good since he doesn’t take any care to preserve the thing and it turns to dust.

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MEG would go on to become the book of the Frankfurt book fair, where it eventually sold to more than a twenty countries. In the mean time something is altne in South America. After his father presented their discovery to te scientist community, no one believe what they said and his father reputation that took him thirty years to build was destroyed.

There is an earth quake people die and a large amount allten black goo rises. Then again, I know nothing about sport medicine.


I started reading this after reading the MEG series and I have vague memories of reading and hating it when I was younger so I expected to dislike it. Dominique did not in any way fit the mould. Still, the story clipped along at a good pace, and while there’s nothing ingenious about the writing or the Messiah-themed storytelling, it gave food for thought about what is good and evil in the world, how fear of evil drives us into a cycle for more evil, and how very vulnerable and insignificant mankind is in the grand mayz of the universe.

I’ve seen actual physicists act testamnto children at the face of some new exiting data–I felt it–and I wasn’t even in position to understand what was so damn intoxicating about it. As the clock ticks towards the end of the “wheel” Mike knows he has to escape, and with Dominique’s help he tries to save the world from an invasion tesramento has been planned thousands of years before.

Open Preview See a Problem? There were some problems: Be that as it may, when all is said and done assuming you have finished reading wlten bookwhether you like it or not, you will have learned plenty about the history of the Mayas, have plenty of astronomical specialist knowledge, and have had explained in detail, by a madhouse inmate and main character of the plot, how this all supposedly networks with a long foretold end of the world scenario.

I was pleased to see photos in the book also. I had never heard of the mayan doomsday prophecy or even of many of the ancient places in this book like the nazca plateau. Mick tells Dominique that the history we know is false.