List of computer science publications by Edward Fredkin. Edward Fredkin (born ) is an American computer scientist and to come up with a new and fruitful way of looking at physics, Feynman said, Fredkin will. Ed Fredkin ( –) has had a distinguished career both in the commercial sector as well as academia. He held professorships at MIT in Electrical Engineering.

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Two-state, reversible, universal cellular automata in three dimensions DB Miller, E Fredkin Proceedings of the 2nd conference on Computing frontiers, The state of any physical system edwardd have a digital representation 4.

The arrangement cannot be changing as we consider it, because the “meaning” represented by the state of the computer depends on the relationship of each bit to every other bit. A Chess-orientated Processing System. An earlier profile of Fredkin published in The Atlantic Monthly in had stated the gist of Fredkin’s thinking on the subject.

Carbotte and to Dr. A physicist’s model of computation E Fredkin. Subtract 1 from the number of neutrons, and add 1 to each of the numbers of protons, electrons, and neutrinos.

Edward Fredkin

We know from high frexkin that all things are made of individual atoms. In his view of digital physics, Fredkin identifies four laws: Exploring finite quantities A finite amount of information cannot evolve without a processing mechanism.

The article had noted that many of Fredkin’s ideas about physics and computing were acceptable to the scientific community, but his conclusions were not considered to be within the realm of science. The system can’t perform the operation wdward. The prize was three-tiered [8]:. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Material particles were being acted upon, passively reacting, not acting.

Each of these properties, being limited to a certain number of possibilities, can be described with a single choice from among its finite possibilities.

Edward Fredkin – Wikiquote

Proceedings of the May, spring joint computer conference, While Konrad Zuse ‘s book, Calculating Spacementioned the importance of reversible computation, the Fredkin gate represented the essential breakthrough. Hegel Martin Heidegger Heraclitus R. On the one hand, such an experimental proof would be problematical because no matter how closely we look, we can always imagine that if we looked even more closely the continuity would resolve into a finely-grained discreteness; therefore, the appearance of continuity in nature, as in the motion picture theater, can never itself be proof of actual continuity.


Quotes about Fredkin [ edit ] Feynman considered Fredkin edwxrd brilliant and consistently original, though sometimes incautious, thinker. All the fundamental quantities that represent the state information of the system are ultimately discrete.

The key here is Fredkin’s use of the term “magic,” because a being residing inside the physics produced by the engine cannot view the actual source code which resides, as Fredkin later asserts, outside of the universe. Retrieved 7 March In the world of physics, everything must include the basic space and time of our universe.

This is a metaphorical statement which seems at odds with the model being proposed. If we were to allow intermediate states such as the coin standing on its edge, and all of the instantaneous positions through which it can pass while rotating as it is being flipped, exward there would be an infinite number of possibilities for the “state” of the coin. Ref 1 In fact, James Hartle of the University of California Frdkin Barbara, and I have proposed that space and imaginary time together, are indeed finite in extent, but without boundary.

Nothing would be added to this information by using real coins, and we can save a great deal fredlin copper by substituting the symbols. At the tick of the computer’s “clock,” the programming is applied and the arrangement of the memory bits begins to change.

I encourage the reader to refer to Fredkin’s paper, which is available at http: The examples given from atomic theory in chemistry, and quantum theory in physics, serve as reminders that close examination can reveal step-wise, discrete properties at any fredkinn perhaps every turn. I recently came across your work and believe I have some similar thoughts about the composition of the universe. How does such a transformation occur? This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat Ken Mroczek a retired psychologist with an interest in physics.

Retrieved from ” https: Such models are straightforward in the case where edwagd are keeping track only of the numbers and kinds of particles.


Engineers and scientists, for the most part, have stopped thinking about these concepts as problems because they no longer present any barrier to satisfactory calculation.

A photon or any other particle thus does not move through space, but is created anew out of the informational substructure of the universe as the probability wave moves.

Citation for this page in APA citation style.

Edward Fredkin Biography

To illustrate, suppose the memory bits were soldiers lined up in a row, and edqard rule was “take two steps forward, then take one step back. All changes in physical nature are consequences of digital informational processes.

Renew your membership Member directory. Because time itself is assumed to be discrete and step-wise, all transitions must take place “off-stage. However, to say that it is convenient to credit the appearance of continuity is not at all to say that space and time actually are continuous. By reducing the volume of space-time to a symbolic representation of the information contained within it, Fredkin produces the full equivalent of the volume dredkin space-time in the form of the information itself.

I am interested in the philosophy of science, and I want to be able to read the text of your site, as well as comment on them. Caveat that we are not describing “particles” in the sense of atoms or electrons or anything else in the particle zoo of frredkin Standard Model.

Accordingly, Fredkin focuses edwxrd the internal operations of the computer, without analyzing how this information might be put into usable form. Retrieved 11 March In order to better understand Finite Nature, Fredkin suggests that we look to examples of simple systems with similar properties.

Given Finite Nature, there are no approximations, no subjective values.