First Look: The first colour E-ink reader is now available. But is it any good?. Color JetBook Color 2 Review Ectaco jetBook. The review is not that positive ( seems to be an e-ink hater) but the picture looks really great. My detractors aren’t going to be happy today. Laptop Magazine has just posted their review of the Jetbook Color, Ectaco’s new ereader based.

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Oh, and by the way, with a table lamp angled from colog side and above the unit inside it works great too. Finally, anyone that wants to read comics should buy this device.

In his spare time, he fosters dogs for A Forever Home, a local rescue group. However, our efforts, spoken directly into the coolr, did not return any successful searches.

While color on an E Ink screen is unique, we could not see the difference enough to warrant much fanfare. He has been blogging about indie authors since while learning new tech skills at the drop of a hat. In the image above, the digital photo at left loses almost all of its color saturation when displayed on the Ectaco JetBook Color, right.

Music, Vocal Dictation, and more is possible with the built in microphone. If i got a tablet id spend all day goofing off on the internet. A low-end ereader with a high-end screen and a higher-end price. I also recommend it to K12 students as a way to cut down on the weight of your backpack and load in your own books. Dctaco Math, you’ll find a graphing calculator, periodic table and a metrics conversion table.

You can make highlights and annotations with the stylus if you want to keep track of your work. Reading a Book on the Jetbook Color gives you the best experience out of all of the current generation 9. Everything from 50 different dictionaries to more student apps are available to purchase. When we plugged in a USB drive, the light on the drive indicated it was connected, but we had no way to access the files.


Ectaco Jetbook Color Full Hands on Review

You can really tell Jetbook put a ton of effort into developing custom content for an e-reader and no other device on the market revied close in bringing a truly unique student experience to an e-ink based e-reader. The device came with […]. Under “Touchscreen Works Slowly” Ectaco claims this is merely a function of E Ink technology, but in our experience with Nook and Kindle, this is simply not true. Even if you had to shell out for educational add-ons it would still be a better buy.

KW 22 February, LaptopMag gave this a 1 out of 5. Email Name Comment Firstname.

Ectaco Jetbook Color Ships with Incomplete Software, Disappointing Screen

Nate Hoffelder 21 February, When we popped in a microSD card, an icon in the top bar indicated it was inserted, but again we had no way to access that content if it was not in an appropriately labeled folder.

Cetaco black also available in white plastic face of the JetBook Color felt grainy, but didn’t pick up any fingerprints. The back is covered in a faux-leather textured blue plastic with a JetBook logo in the middle.

How does this new technology developed by e-Ink Holdings stack up in a battery of real world tests? There is simply not enough power to really make this device as responsive as the kind you find in six inch e-readers. It truly gives you a vivid color e-paper that mimics real paper and really is a paradigm shift in the way people will experience reading on an e-Reader. Get Ratings on the go and compare while you shop. TTS is also due to show up in the first update.

The JetBook Color has a basic music player and a few preloaded tunes, including Beethoven’s “For Elise” with incorrect spelling. Almost nothing works as advertised and we found ourselves constantly frustrated, from the touch screen’s responsiveness to the inability to use the included Wi-Fi radio.


All of the colors were dull and flat, and were merely saturation variations on brownish-red, sea-foam green and muted blue. The distracting blinks of the page turns could not be activated by the stylus. Page turns took an incredibly long two to three seconds, in comparison to the Kindle and Nook’s near instantaneous changes.

Each one of these genres has about six to twelve different applications that should greatly assist people. Ectaco decided to make a full color device that made textbooks and classroom work relevant on an e-reader instead of a tablet. Navigating menus, turning page pages, or launching programs demands an exercise in patience. Triton filter can reflects more if light is more strong. You have a basic zoom option found in the settings to tailor the book or other item you are reading for optimal performance.

It’s missing so many features that at this reviee you would be clearly better off with the iPad. Something tells me these guys have a little more credibility than you do Michael.

There is also a 3.

The Kindle DX was much the same technology wise but had the software to make it display Our Thoughts The Jetbook Color is a quantum leap in e-Ink based technology in consumer electronics. Android would have made it more appealing. He has been writing about audiobooks and e-readers for the past ten years.

I do not plan to post a review until there is actually something positive to say about it.