The E6B flight computer, nicknamed the “whiz wheel” or “prayer wheel”, is a form of circular Manual E6Bs/CRP-1s remain popular with some users and in some environments rather than the electronic ones because they are lighter, smaller. A Pilots Guide on How to use the E6B Flight Computer by lriccc in Types > Instruction manuals. E6B Flight Computer Instructions. Instructions for the E6B Flight Computer. ASA’s E6-B features a wind component grid and comprehensive crosswind correction.

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The middle box contains the special equipment codes used for item 3. The A scale mankal outermost circlethe B scale the middle circleand C scale the inner circle. Dalton felt that it was a rushed design, and wanted to create something more accurate, easier to use, and able to handle higher flight speeds. Notice that our pencil mark has moved around some. Slide your pencil mark to your airspeed line.

Then a pencil mark is made just maual the hole, at mankal distance representing the wind speed D away from the hole. Many airspeed indicator ASI instruments have a movable ring built into the face of the instrument that is essentially a subset of the flight computer. On the negative side, it means that you have to know the expected order of magnitude of your answer. Different pointers will give you outputs in different units or bases.

Because this is a base 60 system, the multiplication pointer wont work for most problems. In the same concept of Time-Speed-Distance used above, knowing that we flew the 20nm leg from Chattanooga to the next checkpoint of the Matthews Private Airport in 10 minutes,we can figure out the ground speed as follows:.

Im sure over time, you will find the E6B to be faster can a calculator. The wind direction of is under the True Index and the wind e6 of 20 is marked up from the center hole.


Then find the number you want to multiply by on Scale B. The outer scale is used to represent distance, fuel, ground speed, true airspeed, or corrected true altitude, depending on the calculation being performed. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

This is a good thing and a bad thing. Fllght was a very good read! I still keep one in my flight bag, even with the airlines. Airplan Flight Equipment Ltd.

E6B Flight Computer Instructions

Pivots of metal models metal with plastic grommet will wear out the plastic grommet prematurely, causing the wheels to spin freely. After the patent ran out, many manufacturers made copies, sometimes using a marketing name of “E6-B” computee the moved hyphen.

Its time to put them to work! Thanks for reading, James, and for your service in the Air Force! This coupled with the fact that a mechanical E6B requires no batteries, is essentially indestructible, and looks a lot cooler than a electronic E6B means that the mechanical e6B is here to stay. This is especially true for those of us who did not grow up in the slide rule generation; as that is exactly what the E6B is, a slide rule.

UK Civil Aviation Authority.

C to F conversion is a lifesaver for PAs. The center of the circle has a small hole that is used as a reference point. We suggest converting TC and wind true to magnetic because pilot activities are in terms of magnetic headings, courses, runways, radials, bearings, and final approach courses.

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The center hole marks our ground speed and your pencil mark shows our left or right wind correction angle in degrees. It can also be used for multiplication and division. The first tick mark to the right of “10” may represent flibht Jody on May 19, at Very simple to read and understand! Remember, practice makes perfect.

  ASTM C1688 PDF

Retrieved from ” https: It was developed prior to the VOR system, compass roses, airways, etc. Cockpits were illuminated this way at night. This arrow is used as a reference to a rate, such as knots nautical miles per hour or gallons per hour. This post is Great. The E6B has two sides which are used to perform different tasks. We can determine the wind correction as follows hint: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This is in part also due to the complex nature of some trigonometric ckmputer which would be comparably difficult to perform on a conventional scientific calculator.

Your Cessna probably gained more than Yes, there are modern flitht versions of the E6B out there which have all of the functionality of a mechanical E6B and can easy be learned by reading the six page instruction sheet in all of about 20 minutes.

You can mark on it with a pencil and it will erase right off.

The arcs represent the wind velocity in knots. Is going to take hours, minutes, or seconds to get between these two points? I love my E-6b!

Mastering the Mechanical E6B in 20 Minutes | The Blog of Michael Soroka

Next, rotate “20” under “10” on the outer scale; now all numbers on the inner scale are double those filght the outer scale. What descent rate will you need? This is not beneficial when computing while flying. Now try an aviation related problem: The changes included moving the “10” mark to the top instead of the original “60”.

Mark Wind Dot up from Grommet.