Richard Lynn. Lynn, Richard, DYSGENICS: Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations. Second Revised Edition. Ulster Institute for Social Research . Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations. Second Revised Edition Richard Lynn. Richard Lynn’s Dysgenics was published in and. Richard Lynn. · Rating details · 24 ratings · 4 reviews. In the midth century, a number of biological and social scientists came to believe that the genetic.

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Refresh and try again. The high IQ section The white collar working richare, scientist and politicians of the population are the agents of change and improvement deciding the general development of a nation.

Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations

Lynn was the first to propose the “cold winters theory” of the evolution of human intelligence, which postulates that intelligence evolved to greater degrees as an evolutionary adaptation to colder environments.

Jadis Reich marked it as to-read Jun 09, If couples produce a hundred embryos, he argues, the range in potential IQ would be around 15 points above and below the parents’ IQ.

In the late s, Lynn wrote that he found the average IQ of the Japanese to be This seeming paradox is called the Flynn effect, after the scientist who estimated IQ gains of about points per decade over the 20th century.

However, Earl Hunt and Werner Wittmann questioned the validity dysgeniics their research methods and the highly inconsistent quality of the available data points that Lynn and Vanhanen used in their analysis. Spectraz marked it as to-read Jul 21, Reed rated it really liked it Jun 17, Volume 53, Issue 2, July Christianity struck dysgennics blow against the Western gene pool by enforcing celibacy among the priesthood but probably more than made up for it by prohibitions against adultery.


Mencken Tito Perdue Savitri Devi. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. The Myth of Race: Papavassiliou looked at IQ, socioeconomic status and fertitlity for men and came up with the following results. He was able to compare the performance of colored students with that of the whites, blacks and Indians in his study because the earlier set of pupils had taken the Progressive Matrices in addition to the Junior Aptitude Tests.

Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations by Richard Lynn

Retrieved 6 May In tr What a gem — a true and unbiased investigation into modern society, and it may be, the future of the human race. One of the few modern books on Eugenics which actually deals with the subject, and not with the political or social stigmas related to it.

How can this be? Retrieved 14 April Posted April 25, at 9: Tribute to Richard Lynn at eighty. Muslim and African countries have lower ratios, but only because even the highest classes have large numbers of children. Galton argued in his Hereditary Genius that deterioration of the genetic quality of the population was taking place for health, lnn and moral character. He thought that more genes for lower intelligence and poor character were concentrated in the lower dysgnics, whose higher fertility would lead to a decline in genetic quality.

Timothy Burch marked it as to-read Apr 20, The question of whether human kind is becoming more intelligent as a function of such factors as improved nutrition, better health, and increased education has become known as the Flynn Effect.


IQ and Human Intelligence second ed. Lynn’s article in Nature played some part in bringing the phenomenon of massive score gains on standardized intelligence tests over time to widespread attention.

Some of us high IQ people have figured out how to expand controlled eugenic breeding to counteract random dysgenic breeding but we are afraid of speaking aloud because though the internet has allowed historic freedom of speech that zog controlled television never did, it is too heavily monitored by those same tyrants to really allow that freedom to go unpunished.

He also points out that according to Lynn’s reading of the theory of natural selection, “if it is true that those with lower IQ and less education are producing more offspring, then they richaard fitter than those of higher IQ and more education”.

In an academic dispute arose after Lynn claimed that some races are inherently more psychopathic than others, and other psychologists criticised his data and interpretations. Inhe proposed that the Flynn effect — tichard gradual increase in IQ scores observed around the world since the s — richadr possibly be explained by improved nutrition.

Library of Congress Name Authority File. Donald Forster marked it as to-read Jan 08, Among this book’s strengths are that it argues for a point of view unpopular within the scientific community, it relies on hard data to make its points, its organization and clarity.

A New Morality from Science: This is where the scientific method falls short.