Please read the notes over the page before you fill in this form. Please write clearly for refund of vehicle tax when the tax disc is missing’ (V33), which you can. Find out all about which forms you need to complete in order to ensure that you are fully legally covered. Everything you need to know about DVLA forms. idiotically you either have to go into a DVLA office (not convinient as car stolen and bike off the road) or phone them for the form (they never.

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Vehicle Tax Refunds

Based on user reviews. They credited me November back in full, so in a move I wouldn’t expect from the taxman they appear to calculate it from the transfer date you put on the form, not the day they write the cheque. Pick two letters, a number and three more letters. Application for a driving licence for a lorry, minibus or bus you dvls to download and print a D4 form.

Order DVLA forms –

There is a gap of 3 years, days between these two posts Which car colour do birds choose to poo on? D2 and D4 packs — These complete packs allow you to apply for the above licence offline.


Matches to names, numbers, initials There are a host of forms you can order, download and print — and the DVLA gives a rundown of each application pack available. CT and Retention Pack — This application allows you to retain or to transfer a registration number over to a new vehicle. Deal completed and payment transferred to my bank fprm within 24 hours of posting the documentation – sell with confidence!

DVLA Forms

Get a provisional licence. Other articles in this section: There is no catch-all address or department for all forms in general, though the DVLA is based centrally in Swansea. Many issues you need to cover yourself for can be arranged by DVLA forms. You must have an insurance policy that allows you to drive without supervision.

Check you’re allowed to drive. I bet that’s one that’s in there. You can start driving as soon as you pass your driving test.

Start now on DVLA online form ordering. UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. Allow Disable Online Chat Cookies Our online fkrm facility requires cookies to keep track of the conversation across pages. Before you start You can order the following forms to be posted to dbla UK address. You may wish to call the team directly if you are unsure about which forms to use or to download — making them a valuable resource.


I purchased two plates for both myself and my wife and requested they dealt with all the paperwork. What DVLA forms are there?

Toggle navigation Search box. Top 10 most expensive places to park per hour in the UK vs the Number Plates as an investment 30 Nov dvlx What were you doing? Order application packs and forms from DVLA. Instead of replying here, would creating a new thread be more useful? Vehicle Import Packs — For both used and new imported vehicles, fill in these forms to enable them for UK road use. Allow Disable Save Preferences.

Vehicle Tax Refunds

TechJinx Spanner Monkey Joined: Find matches to New style plates. Call your local police station Dial and ask to be put through to your local police. Anyways, the system appears to work. You can, alternatively, discuss your concerns regarding the forms you are waiting for by callingor you can visit your local post office to collect physical forms.