Dracula Spectacula – Show synopsis – Shows D. There are plenty of good parts , a sizzling score and a fresh, hilarious script that makes this an attractive. is the Marsden Year of the Musical and Dracula Spectacula, to be held in There are plenty of good parts, a sizzling score and a fresh, hilarious script that. The Dracula Spectacula (). From sltarchive Well this is a little bit like that but with singing, dancing and a very corny script. For those of.

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AF Harold you are a disgrace.

Various interior and exterior settings. James Harper I saw this show and I thought it stood out from all the other child production’s I have seen.

A drunk pilot who cops off with the air hostess is the sort of humour young people find funny, Hans and Gretel are husband and wife how that can be incestous beggers belief? Christine I scrpt think you’re spectaculz very pesssimistic. Path Created with Sketch.

The acting, what there is of it, matches the script. It says a lot about a reviewer to rip so severely into a youth theatre production. Dick VosburghFrank Lazarus. All the actors showed tremendous flair for performing arts and the direction they were given specgacula superb. Father O’Steak witnessed the adventures and helped his strong leader, Nickolas Nechrophilliac in Transylvania and were well assisted by the locals, Hans, Gretel and their Glublick liking village ‘idiots’.

For no reason at all rracula ‘adventurers’ are led by a dumb blonde Marilyn Monroe look alike who sounds, however, more like Audrey from A Little Shop Of Horrors and even has a very similar song to ‘Suddenly Seymour’ from that show and feature a leather bad boy Elvis impersonator.

I think you should also consider the children who were in the show and were loving every second of it.


Had he, being a reviewer researched the comapny beforehand I think he would have realised! I think it is unfair that whoever wrote this, dracjla commented on the negative points of the show very over-exaggerated points ,and didnt think to comment on the outstanding scenery and choreography! It’s fine to disagree with a review, it’s a subjective matter after all.

For someone who knows the power of words I am appauled by his comments he should be struck off reviewing and needs to take some time to think about the effect they have on our young generation who worked so hard on this production. It certainly looked like the children enjoyed being part of the show, and isn’t it what this should be about?

dpectacula From BBC Berkshire Hello sceipt, I’d like to emphasise that, while I’ve approved these comments below in the moderation stage, we will no longer tolerate criticism of the reviewer, only the review.

So as for this review and the show itself, I want to say well done to everyone involved for all the hard work you put in. The show was full of comedy for all ages, however the reviewer would probably not understand this being very old fashioned and obviously a scrooge when it comes to Halloween fun!

Keywords Fairy TalesFriendshipLove. Why go if it was such a bother?? Ivor NovelloAlan Melville. And there is a moment in another song Positive Action Man where the adult male character of Nick actually strokes in a positively sexually flirtatious manner one of the young female ‘Pretty Singers’ as they are listed drackla the programme. Peter ShrubshallRichard Free.

Sign in to your Samuel French speectacula. Ro Ro I did go 2 c the show and mi lil bro was in it ans i thourght it was amazing!!!!! There is one song in which a large chorus of children are made to sing a song entirely in favour of getting very drunk on the local Transylvanian grog The Lubbly Glublick Song.


No mention of the simple but effective set, the use of visual spectacyla, the huge amount of laughter from the audience, encouragment for the young people involved! I found draculs characters hilarious and so did my children, yes some of the humour was intened for adults and went above my childrens heads, no different from the simpsons.

A s Radio Christmas Carol.

BBC – Berkshire – Entertainment – Review: Dracula Spectacular

Cast Attributes Room for Extras. There were no “ill-advised” moments, there is much worse shown before the watershed on national television that you should be more worried about children watching.

It serves them right for expecting something epic from what is essentially a Hallowe’en themed Panto. There is, for no reason at all, a drunken airline pilot who cops off with the airline hostesses dtacula flight in a family show?

Children and adults were in the audience dressed for the occasion; bob the apple; eat a donought from the string and an excellent kitting out of South Street gave this a reel feel for Halowe’en. Full Length Musical, Comedy.

The Dracula Spectacula

It’s was a laugh a minute tongue sscript cheek spoof. I spit at your review! They put time and effort into it. Cast Size Cast Size 24boy s or girl s. Chapman Thestie What a plendid show.

My family thoroughly enjoyed this production. He can say wpectacula he likes but the public must be moderated! Sign in to your Samuel French account. Reviews You are in: Phil OlsonPaul Olson.

The acting was great.

Find out more about page archiving. A Tooth Fairy Tale. I really dont agree with this at all.