Synopsis: A temporal projection of the fourth Doctor warns the seventh Doctor and Ace about the Timewyrm, a cybernetic living data-eater that can take over. Timewyrm: Genesys picks up where the Dr. Who series and the Seventh Doctor left off. The basic plot of the novel is Ishtar the Goddess of Kish has come to visit. Doctor Who New Adventures Timewyrm Genesys.

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The character of Gilgamesh felt like a 12th rate Conan clone, except we are deprived the opportunity to read a truly epic scene of carnage where Gilgamesh slaughters legions. So I started with Timewyrm: This first of the post Classic Series is fine, and it captures Seven and Ace fairly well, and the story felt like a TV episode except for the topless priestesses LOL and I could almost imagine the cheezy syth soundtrack swell at times of great drama.

The rights to various characters, alien races, and other fictional elements from the series are owned by the writers who created them.

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This book has some clever elements as well as some clunkers, and some serious howlers. This may have been at the request of the publisher, since obviously they would’ve wanted newcomers or casual fans to join the books as well, but it’s one of my pet peeves about series in general.

Only very, very clever ones.

An alien being has crashed landed their spaceship in the ancient middle east, genssys she meets Gilgamesh who is King. It may not be perfect, and perhaps I’m being overly ambitious to expect Dickens from a series of novels based on a cult sci-fi TV show, but things are promising.

Who fiction is really capable of. The book was paced well, apart from the beginning where it feels painfully slow and it feels they were just making voctor the book would have enough pages. Ace also seems to kinda hate the Doctor for much of the novel, except for a line or two at the end.


Want to Read Currently Timewymr Read. Select rating Give Timewyrm: But I’m interested to see where this goes.

Timewyrm: Genesys – Wikipedia

If this was more like s pulp or like an gensys I might have approved but this is just dull. I originally read this book when it came out inand I remember that I didn’t like it much. I mean, I see them — bare breasts and characters who are prostitutes.

Virgin New Adventures 1 – 10 of 61 books. Interestingly the two science fictional works among these Quantum Leap and Twin Peaks were actually quite close to Doctor Who in the genuinely good outsider coming in to try to resolve problems outside the realm of the locals.

Virgin New Adventures Release number. Okay, it was definitely better than I expected. Just when I thought the Timewyrm arc was pitifully handled ala early Davies era by just simply having words mentioned at the story’s beginning or end [“Torchwood,” or “Bad Wolf”], there is a big payoff which I found both clever and unexpected, and seamlessly interweaves this Timewyrm story into the larger three novel Timewyrm arc.

Ace tells Utnapishtim that Qataka was not destroyed, that she is calling herself Ishtar and is planning to take the Earth for herself. Enkidu is a Neanderthal, meaning that their species survived until at least BC.

Doctor Who – Timewyrm: Genesys Reviews

People mistrusting and being mean-spirited about each other. I thought the stuff with the Third Doctor calls people by the wrong names doesn’t work. John Peel can write well. Pacing, writing, the stupid sexual references, characters and continuity. And from somewhere amid those distant points of light an evil sentience has tumbled. The Doctor and Ace become involved in the melee, and Ace uses her Nitro-9 explosives to frighten the attackers away.


The site was constructed using Drupal. When Ace implores the Doctor not to send her off with Gilgamesh — for obvious reasons, genessy is a powerful warrior who has been making advances towards her — the Doctor answers her rape concerns by stating “If you’re worried about your virtue While the plot and characters are interesting, the prose – which, to its timewyfm, is well-researched – timewytm sometimes be workmanlike.

As a result, she dislikes beer-drinking drunks. Are you serious right now? The book also likes to throw in a lot fan service, like how the Chronovores give Ishtar new powers and named her the Timewyrm or how at the end of the book the Seventh Doctor becomes the Third Doctor for no reason, it gets rather annoying and I wish John Peel wouldn’t insist on having it. Gilgamesh mistakes the strangers for the Gods Ea and Aya.

New Doctor Who Adventures Paperback: The Doctor recalls the lesson that Harry Houdini taught him about compressing his foot to get it through a narrow gap Planet of the Spiders. Open Preview See a Problem? Sep 13, Natalie rated it it was ok. I have to say that reading this novel has been a very pleasant surprise.

Showing of 9 reviews. In the fertile crescent of land on the banks of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, mankind is turning from hunter-gatherer into farmer, and from farmer into city-dweller.

Nov 28, Amanda rated it it was ok.