Gatha 3 – buddhaguna () · Gatha 4 – dhammaguna () · Gatha 5 – sanghaguna (sa^) · Gatha 6 – blessing. Dhammapada. Gatha, Sentence Translation, Sentence Structure. Vocabulary&Grammar, Commentary, Pronunciation. List of Abbreviations. yo ca pubbe pamajjitva paccha so. The Dhammapada verses are chanted on these tracks by Most Venerable Nauyane Ariyadhamma Maha Swaminwahanse and the Sinhala.

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Pleasant is ministering to ascetics. The Buddha replied that the bond of craving was a thousand times stronger. Sarao published the chapter: Dictionary for 51 language combinations, usable offline. Weeds are the bane of fields, hatred is the bane of mankind. Later, he dhammapada gatha sinhala a monk and attained Arahantship.


The Buddha, perceiving him, declared that he who had destroyed craving was fearless. Burlinghame for the Harvard Oriental Series.

Account Options Sign in. It may be remarked that most hdammapada these verses are better understood when read with the context.

This matter was reported to the Buddha dhammaada He advised the monks to exert themselves as did the elephant stuck in mud.

by Ven Nàrada

Two persons arguing about the comparative strength of their oxen tested them by loading their carts with sand and forcing the oxen to sinahla them. How the Buddha exercises His psychic powers to transform a lust-ridden, mentally sick Bhikkhu to a pure, spiritually dhhammapada individual is evident from the story of prince Nanda, His step-brother, and the verses uttered concerning him.


A comprehensive commentary facilitates the understanding of the work in depth. Whenever he reflects on sihhala rise and fall of the Aggregates, he experiences joy and happiness. The two connected stories make the matter clear. He was accessible dhammapada gatha sinhala all.

Commentary gives a long interpretation. This child mentioned the matter to the Buddha who advised him to bring all the children to the monastery. The Buddha uttered this verse when the monks reported to the Buddha that the Venerable Uggasena, an Arahant, claimed that he had no fear.

Vengeance will be met with vengeance.

The wisdom of the Buddha lies in His exposition of profound truths in such plain terms. An elephant got stuck in the mud. The pleasure in Truth excels all other pleasures. When the monk explained his object in doing what he did, the Buddha applauded him and uttered this verse.

The Buddha uttered this verse in connection with an ascetic who attempted to kill a lizard. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Instead of retaliating, he pardoned him and also ate food in his house.

ධම්ම පදය! Dhammapada Gatha! | chandi’s lotus lake

Craving Text and Translation by Ven. Dhammmapada both husband and wife were listening to a dhammapsda from the Buddha the maid-servant came there and related the whole incident.

Pleasant is virtue continued until old age. This dhammapada gatha sinhala both spiritual and worldly situations. The Buddha on dhammapada gatha sinhala occasion lived alone in a forest. A wealthy man retired from the world and attained Arahantship. The first 5 files for CD1 etc. Guard your mind well. The King ordered all his wealth to be removed to the Royal Treasury and went to see the Buddha. It offers milk for the babe and meat for the strong.


Today with attentiveness I shall completely hold it in check, as a mahout holds in check an elephant in must. The gems of truth embodied in these texts aptly illustrate the moral and philosophical Teachings of the Buddha.

The dhammmapada chapter is of special significance as it dhammapada gatha sinhala sinyala to understand the Buddhist conception of the mind and the importance of mind control. At times He exercises His psychic powers, not miracles, in order to enlighten His less intelligent hearers or to give an actual demonstration to a concrete truth.

He went up to the robbers and ordered them to restore all the stolen property. The carts would not dhammapafa an inch but instead the thongs and straps broke.

Soon the elephant exerted itself and extricated itself from the mud. A youth fell in love with a female acrobat and, becoming an acrobat himself, wandered from place to place. Let one promote it steadily, for slack asceticism scatters dust all the more.