We have two FileServers, which have DFSR configured on a lot of shares, so the data can be replicated. Now I have a issue with DFSR not replicating. Ensure the file is not locked or exclude that file from being replicated, if it is not needed. Run the command line- “dfsrdiag backlog /rgname:’Group Name’. Q: Replicating SYSVOL by using DFSR isn’t working in my Active Directory replication and other domain controllers have stopped replication.

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This of course, is a last resort, since data will have to be replicated across all member servers. Shortly after that, your files will begin to replicate to their target locations.

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DO NOT delete the data files, we need those to seed the replication repilcating. So now I would like to ask does anyone know how to troubleshoot dfs when nothing is replicating?

Point the target to the corresponding folder on the authorative server. Turn off more accessible mode. Thursday, August 31, 5: Sign in to vote. Remove From My Forums.

Create a Diagnostic Report

Wednesday, August 30, 9: Please turn on JavaScript and try again. As I stated the servers rpelicating all running Windows server Windows Server R2. I am not seeing this problem with R2 or The question was from 2 years ago.


Email Required, but never shown. The two servers stopped replicating long enough to cause a journal wrap.

However, if you find yourself in a situation that merits such action, the steps are outlined below. Do this for each replicating member server. Next, run Windows PowerShell as an administrator. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policydtsr our Terms of Service. Once the command is executed successfully, it should return a value of 0.

Once the WMIC command has been pasted, press enter to execute the command. Hi, May I ask anything wrong in the event viewer?

If the replication process does not begin in a timely manner, the journal database runs out of space and begins to overwrite itself. Choose a Path to save dfse report to, Nt. Next, right click on the PowerShell screen and paste the clipboard contents. You may need to right click and then click on Add Replication Groups to Display Sign up using Facebook.

I’ve not ever seen this report not account for missing or out of date files. Also I am using read only replicated folders with that said my configuration is not being pushed to the problem servers. Please note that you should have a backup of all data located in both the source and target server before beginning the recovery processes that is outlined below.

Both have Windows Server operating systems. This way you have a copy of the data in case some files were updated on multiple servers during the time that the servers were not replicating and you need to go back to find it. I guess this is good enough though to use as an indicator to see how similar the replicated folders are. Was wondering if there is a way to verify that every single file from the source server is replicated over to the secondary server.


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This is the folder that contains the journal database. After a dirty shutdown loss of powerthe DFS Replication will not commence automatically. Dfse finished, open the target locations side by side using a UNC path and monitor the progress.

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Click OK to add the target folder. You will know that you are in a dirty shutdown state because you will see the following error in the DFS replication log of the server that is hosting the DFS: Also its like the configuration is never been pushed to the server. This folder should dgsr empty.

If the journal is not in a wrapped state, the replication should begin to work. My name space servers are running Windows Server the problem-ed servers are all running Windows Server Wednesday, September 6, repllicating Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

File Services and Storage. Wednesday, September 6, 1: The database that keeps track of DFS-R changes is located in the corresponding replicated folder in a hidden file. Select the Server with the most up to date records Reference Noot a. After you click OK, you should be prompted by the replication group creation dialog box.