Setting, Value. AccessibleTablix, Indicates whether to render with additional accessibility metadata for use with screen readers. The additional. Setting, Value. Encoding, The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) name of a character encoding that is supported by the. Setting, Value. AccessiblePDF, Indicates whether to render an accessible/tagged PDF, which is larger in size but easier for screen readers and.

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Monday, August 22, I’ve set the device info DpiX and DpiY settings and attempted to render my report but it seems these settings have no effect.

If the results contain the qualifier, the qualifier is repeated. Create sb ; xr. To view the complete list of device information settings, see Passing Device Information Settings to Rendering Extensions.

The devicceinfo margin value, in inches, to set for the report.

I would like to know what can I do to counter this issue? A value of 0 indicates that all sections of the report are rendered.

By default, the report server provides the path.

When defining new instances of an existing rendering extension, be sure to do the following: If so, based on my research, this issue may be caused by an internal recycle job running on the Reporting Service web service. Tuesday, August 23, 7: Each instance must have a unique value for the Name attribute. StartPage The first page of the report to render.


The user-agent string of the browser that is making the request, which is found in the HTTP request. The images must be uploaded resources in the report server database.

SSRS DeviceInfo Name already exists Parmeter Name:deviceInfoName

Standard string values include Page Width and Whole Page. The number of columns to set for the report. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

The top margin value, in inches, to set for the report. The DeviceInfo XML structure defines the device information settings that are used by a rendering extension.

Excel Device Information Settings – SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) | Microsoft Docs

You can replace the default display name with a custom value by specifying the Devicinfo element in the configuration files. DeviceInfo Name already exists Parameter name: Remove From My Forums. To modify default device information settings that are used by a rendering extension that is already deployed on report server, we must type the DeviceInfo XML structure into the RSReportServer.


If the value is truethe FieldDelimiterRecordDelimiterand Qualifier settings cannot be a space character. Changing the rendering extension parameters only affects rendering operations on the report server. The default value is a comma. PrintDpiX The horizontal resolution of the output image. The following table lists the device information settings for rendering in Text format.

Customize Rendering Extension Parameters in RSReportServer.Config

Qualifier The qualifier string to put around results that contain the field delimiter or record delimiter. The additional accessibility metadata causes the rendered report to be compliant with the following technical standards in the “Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications” section There are two XML structures that you can modify: You can change the default field delimiter to any character that you want, including TAB, by changing the device information settings in the configuration file.

You must include an integer or decimal value followed by “in” for example, 1in. Hi matteu, Did you encounter this error when you view report in Report Viewer?