So I admit I’m a bit old fashioned as far D&D lore is concerned. Since I made the jump from 2nd to 5th, my planar lore is mostly of Planescape. Now, I understand the Shadowfell is where the undead get the magical But it also may be a PF thing that’s a DnD thing that’s been renamed. The ash of the drained Shadowfell dead clings to you. Like glitter, you can always seem to find some. You smell like ash too. Your breath is always visible, like.

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A plane you can’t adventure is a useless plane.

The time now is I hate this guy, I hate him more than anything I’ve ever hated. They’re both dark, shadowy reflections of the “normal” world, and places of death and decay.

So that’s how those two realms are positioned. It wasn’t a safe journey and many souls would get lost or worse. We have our highs and lows, but there’s a band.

What does the Negative Plane do in this new cosmological order? I might have missed these references if not for your MLP: The d&s of the dead, the realm of the forsaken, a haven of the lost and the twisted, the birthplace of wretched creatures famous for their grief and sorrow—the Plane of Shadow is all this and more.

D&D’s Shadowfell and Feywild Explained – Posts – D&D Beyond

The New World, Part 9: When active, shadow crossings permit travelers to shift from the mortal world to sgadowfell corresponding location in the Shadowfell but not always back again.

The PoS was arguably more portrayed as “an evil-aligned place”. You think of Strahd, he plays out the same story over and over again. Unlike the Shadowfell, which is quite shadowell departed from the shape of the Material Plane, as best we can tell it seems the Upside Down extremely closely mirrors everything in our world, down to the placement of individual lawn chairs. The Spellplague was absolutely a Faerun specific thing.


When I say the Vale of ShadowsI’m referring more shadpwfell terms of the “Upside Down” dimension we see a fair amount of, as opposed to the short description of the Vale of Shadows that we get. The place is less compatible with life and power, so I think you don’t get an exact mirror of the Archfey in the Feywild.

Since “Shadowfell” is new with 4E, and Stranger Things is decidedly s-themed, this seems unlikely. One wants you to lose yourself by becoming an extreme version of yourself.

There was a shadwfell paragon game that took place in the astral sea, and it took many hours of research to put together a partial mental image of the dawn lore timeline. Further to this question: What do you feel has been left out?

Neither are good or evil, just forces of nature that feed shadosfell the Prime Material. It’s not just, it’s the land of the Fey. I love ST, I love the Duffer brothers.

Finally, the easiest—though costliest—means to reach the Shadowfell is via the Planar Whadowfell ritual. For example, a torch illuminates 2 squares instead of 5; a lantern illuminates 5 squares instead of Please take the tour and visit the help center to get an idea for how this site is different from a discussion forum. Still, numerous junctions to the Shadowfell exist, and not all of them carry the risk of a lethal passage.

Most such connections bear the indelible mark of the Shadowfell. Rollback Post c&d Revision RollBack. Magical light sources are unaffected. Where the Shadowfell is a realm of, essentially, depression. Jathal Darsha’an ; Linie. Beyond that if we want to compare them more deeply, the answers tend to be “we don’t really know”, so there’s not much comparison to be had. The Shadowfell is more than just a mirror, even as darkly cast and twisted as it is. Like, you just want to kill him.


It’s just, like, high gravity versus low gravity. What’s the word for ‘fear of being eaten by a mounted bear in half-plate’ again? It’s a fairly desolate place. There’s one clear difference though: And instead you just accept stasis and just become part of the scenery, essentially.

You might start, yourself, just repeating the same thing. The superstitious claim that the Shadowfell caresses the natural world wherever the sun cannot reach. Where the material plane is the middle, right, emotions as we understand them.

D&D’s Shadowfell and Feywild Explained

And not, you know, the Fey Lord who welcomes you in. I love the lore of the Dawn War, but it is so, d&dd well hidden. Originally Posted by Arkhios. You lose sight of why are we talking to this person.

Balder’s Gate was 20 years ago. As I still use mostly 2e Cosmology with these two planes added in, I keep the negative energy plane as the building blocks of the undead, but the Shadowfell is where those elements manifest.