Discover each of the many realms of the Shining South, along with the magic and monsters native to this diverse corner of the Forgotten Realms game setting. Shining South (Dungeon & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Supplement) [Thomas M. Reid] on *FREE* shipping on. The Shining South is an accessory for the fictional Forgotten Realms campaign setting for the second edition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy.

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This book gives you everything that you need to explore the Shining South in your own Forgotten Realms campaign. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Dalelands or maybe the Moonsea?

A favorite practice in cities along the coast is to magically coax coral to grow into “walls” to enclose homes and gardens, and streets in all parts of the country are well lit at night with light-producing spells that adjust their brightness in relation to the time of day. Sizeable Crinti forces have invaded this area on more than one occasion, but the powerful magic of shinign Halruaan aristocracy has always forced them back before they could get much beyond soutu mouth of the valley.

Shining South

Almost caricatures of human heads, these images stare out toward the ocean, flanking an open space in which a winding, narrow staircase leads up the side of the cliff from a narrow strip of sandy beach. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

In a region ringed by mountains lies Halruaa, a nation of reclusive shininb. The sects are small because while most in Halruaa profess at least a passing devotion to Mystra or Azuth, few feel the need to cement their connections to the divine through ceremony.


R rated it liked it Jan 20, Pages 42—52 detail the land of Luirenthe land of the halflingsincluding its geography and climate, history, government and politics, people and customs, social customs, religion, money and commerce, cities, places of interest, NPCs, adventures, and new non-weapon proficiencies.

A night sky, an ocean-caressed beach at dusk, and an otherworldly scene of glowing flora from the distant Underdark are among the many lighted displays designed to resemble majestic outdoor scenes.

The region makes a great destination for adventure, or a place for your heroes to hail from. Each of these temples focuses on one school of arcane wizardry above the others. Such an individual serves as the mayor and probably also as a member of the Council of Elders. Although The Shaar and the Great Rift gets one chapter together. But not all the magic in the wizard-king’s grand home is for show. Halruaa stretches approximately miles from east to west, and more than miles from the coast to the northern foothills.

Retrieved from ” https: Eventually, however, the risks to both towers and skyships forced Zalathorm to actively discourage this “tower war,” and the mad building spree has halted.

Alessandro rated it liked it Oct 12, Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. The vast majority of the country consists of flat, windswept plains, broken only by broad, sluggish rivers and the occasional unusual feature. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Interspersed among the trees are numerous pavilions with brightly colored awnings. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Hardcoverpages.

Books by Thomas M. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Near the Netyarch’s Palace in the heart of the city soouth Arbor Square, an expanse of parks, rivers, pavilions, and gazebos designed for strolling, chatting, or orating. Shoning within the heart of the palace, a few special rooms illuminated 35. artificial sunlight sport thick rain forests populated by colored birds, snakes, and tree frogs.


Views Read Edit View history. Perhaps the most significant features of the Nath Valley are the temples situated on the lower slopes of the mountains that surround the valley.

In all walks of life, favorable treatment and promotions come to those who have the spark but somehow elude those who lack magical aptitude.

Forgotten Realms, Campaign Supplement. This book also includes a fold-out color poster map of the region. Winter often brings snow to the temples on the mountain slopes shininh well, though never to the inland plains. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: In addition to new spells, magic items, feats, prestige classes, and monsters, this title includes descriptions of races, regions, and unique cultural elements f.

A wide variety of temperate to tropical trees, many of which are flowering or fruit-bearing, fills the square. Because the manpower needed to create so much frozen water is extraordinary, even by wizard standards, the possibility of securing a steady source of ice by creating a portal to the Ice Wastes in the Abyss has recently been under discussion.

Shining South – Rulebooks – D&D Tools

As with other Halruaan cities, much of Halarahh has grown up along the shoreline. This open plaza souht paved in colored stone, and large trees provide good quantities of shade for strolling and chatting.

Life in the cities of Halruaa is touched by magic in many ways. Want to go chaotic?