Solution Manual for Data Communications and Networking by Behrouz Forouzan . Faizan Tahir. Uploaded by. Faizan Tahir. CHAPTER 1 Introduction Solutions. FOROUZAN BEHROUZ A. FOROUZAN Data Communications and .. P R E FAC E T echnologies related to data communication and networking may be. Thanks for the slides. Extremely helpful. Please upload missing slides/ppts of Data Communications and Networking B. Forouzan Ppt Slides. ReplyDelete.

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The cable company uses the ran- dom access method to share the bandwidth between neighbors. The three categories of multiple access protocols discussed in this chapter are ran- dom access, controlled access, and channelization. In part d, there are two errors that cancel the effect of each other.

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If no fragmentation occurs at the router, then the only field to change in the base header is the time to live field. An end-of-option option is a dcj option used for padding at the end of the option field. C1 is used at the section layer to identify multiplexed STSs. SFD is a one- byte field that serves as a flag.

The minimum Hamming distance is the smallest Hamming froouzan between all possible pairs in a set of words.

Each analog channel carries 64 digital traffic channel 9 channels are for control. Note that when the algorithm exits from the loop, there are six bits of the ending flag in the buffer, which need to be removed after the loop. The data link layer is responsible for a. Routers are not designed to provide direct filtering the way the bridges do. The bit or combination of bits it can carry is often written next to it. The frame carries 4 bits from each of the first two sources and 3 bits from each b.


The frequency hopping spread spectrum FHSS technique uses M different car- rier frequencies that are modulated by the source signal. The traffic inside can use the large set; the traffic outside, the small set. Class D first three bits are 1s and the fourth bit is 0 This is called dotted-decimal notation.

The arrow forouzaan the direction of movement. H bytes are the pointers. We check five random cases. We have two signal elements with peak amplitudes 1 and 3.

We except to get access to the site we are searching. This means that that we need a QAM technique to achieve this data rate.

Data Communications and Networking

A router needs to search a routing table for finding the output port based forouzam the foruzan route to the final destina- tion; A bridge needs only to consult a filtering table based on the location of sta- tions in a local network. The reason is that we need to send 16 extra polls. The logical address defines the sender and receiver at the network layer and is used to deliver messages across multiple networks.


This happens when the data size is between 65, and 65, inclusive bytes.

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In case a, we have ms. The signal is amplified by a factor Now we can calculate the last address in subnet 32 as we did for the first address. Burst errors of size 9 are detected most of dc time, but they slip by with proba- are left undetected.

H3 is used to compensate for a faster or slower user data. During the data trans- fer phase, each packet needs to carry a virtual-circuit identifier to show which virtual-circuit that particular packet follows. A device at the foorouzan of the path reports its status to a device at the beginning of the path. H4 is used at the path layer to show a multiframe payload. The expanded bandwidth allows the source to wrap its message in a protective envelope for a more secure transmission. We first change the number to bit binary If the corrupted destination address matches one of the sta- tions, the frame is delivered to the wrong station.

If we let ns to be the number of stations and nfs to be the number of frames a station can send per sec- ond.