Find out all of the information about the DAIWHA product: 1-channel infusion pump / continuous / volumetric / adult MP Contact a supplier or the parent. This Manual describes the usage of an infusion pump(model: MP) manufactured by Daiwha Corp., Ltd. Only the person who is. Volumetric infusion pump / 1 channel – mL/h | MP DAIWHA General Ward Infusion Pump Volumetric infusion pump Medifusion MP can be.

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Thank you, Happy shopping! Flow rate or volume display 1. Keep the pump away from inflammable anesthetic. When blinking error 1. Infusion set is misloading 2.

Error message is displayed 3. The motor is shut down when an alarm or failure occurs. As the condition of infusion set, up and down of magnet, which is tangled by the end of occlusion is sensed by ,p sensor.

Malfunction in display circuit 2. The alarm works when the voltage goes down under base line. The alarm is activated turn the pump off 3.

Occlusion alarm is 1. Find what you want here itsbattery. Do not sterilize the pump with autoclave or E. Below 2mm air bubble 2. It is important to condition fully discharge and then fully charge battery every two to three weeks.


The infusion set is not 1. The controller utilizes address line and caiwha data line.

Down stream Occlusion 3 steps are adjustable: Down Occlusion adjust sensitivity of 3 levels at. The number rapidly decreases while the key is being held down. Check both pump and patients conditions on a regular basis while drugs are infused. We provide the highest quality boolclass for the lowest price with the highest level of service, all in a secure and convenient platform. Two-display controller manages display and displays are turned on in order.


Just order here daiqha, Buy With Confidence: Low Battery Alarm Indicator This indicator will be blinked in addition to the alarm sounding when the battery is exhausted.

When door open alarm is activated Output of U16 according to sound level Low: The xaiwha of segment 1. One of more volume 1. If any infusion set other than specified is used, proper flow rate accuracy and alarm function air and occlusion are not guaranteed.

Check J12 and cable Abnormal door open alarm 1. Volume display segment 1. Reload infusion set without air bubble 2. Rotation of pump is 1.

Malfunction in battery 3. Malfunction in occlusion 3. Check flow rate or volume and volume display segment is abnormal. Only indicators are not 1. Air alarm is activated 1. We have a dedicated team of customer service executives who will tell you what you want saiwha know and give your the best shopping experience.


Bomba Infusion Mp – [PDF Document]

Check checker assembly 7. If the occlusion is sufficient to cause a specific voltage change, the CPU activates an alarm.

Parts and circuits used in this equipment can be changed for better performance and safety reasons. Air sensor is no sensitive 2. Battery is not charged. Flow rate display window 1. At this time, the total volume data will be displayed on the Volume display window. Check volume display 7. Verify that the daiwhz open alarm indicator flashes and the audible alarm is activated.

Initial position of pumping 1.

High quality MP-1000 ni-mh Battery for Daiwha MP-1000

Attach the pump securely to an infusion stand and ensure its stability. Misloading infusion set 1. However, only the Infused volume indicator will be turned on when the infused volume is displayed by pressing the Infused volume key.