7 मार्च Flowers white. It perenates by fleshy roots/root-tubers. Tuberous root is used in ayurvedic medicin. Cultivation of safed musli is more profitable. of many Ayurvedic tonics. The roots fetch an attractive market price (presently. Rs , per kg of dry peeled fleshy roots). Safed musli. CLIMATE. It can be. Chlorophytum borivilianum (family Liliaceae) is a high-value medicinal plant becoming rare because it is harvested fromthe wild. To encourage.

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This plant has excellent ayurvedic properties. The botanical name of Safed musli is Chlorophytum borivilianum. Seed Rate Usually propagation is done through tubers or seeds. Sign in New account You have successfully login. Heavy block cotton soils are not suitable of musli cultivation. Sign Muspi With Email: Harvesting in Safed Musli Cultivation: Make sure to place drip-lines at the middle of each of the raised beds.


Water seedling beds 24hours before transplanting so that seedlings can be easily uprooted and be turgid at transplanting time. Package of Practices for Cultivation of Cultlvation Commiphora wightii. Any kind of deficiency should be immediately traced and the required content should be supplied. Introduction of Safed Musli Cultivation: It was reported that the respondents of both the safec possessed highest knowledge about some of the crucial improved cultivation of safed musli sub aspects viz.

Safed Musli Crop Information | Apni Kheti

Seed spacing can be 10 in x 12 in. The seed rate depends on the cultivar and approximately to kg of seed is required to cover 1 acre crop. You have successfully login. These fleshy roots sprout from second week of May to second week of June. Items in DSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Most of tribals were literate having small land holding while most of the non-tribals were educated having big land holding. Ssfed bed should be well prepared on which seedlings are raised.


How to grow Safed Musli (Chlorophytum Borivilianum) – Krishisewa

Please check your email. On maturity the tubers give maximum quantity.

Warm and humid climatic condition with good amount of soil moisture during the growing season favour luxuriant vegetative growth and facilitate fleshy root development. Please enter your email address. The sprouted fleshy propagules should be planted in the field in first or second week of June, followed by irrigation.

After harvesting, drying of tubers is done.

Safed Musli could be easily intercropped in between maize rows. If there is no rains after sowing of fleshy root propagules and its transplanting then one irrigation be provided immediately.

muslo It was found that in case of tribal respondents there has been highly significant correlation between education and media exposure with knowledge, house with adoption and media exposure with attitude. The soil having pH ranging from 6. Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research 5. It can tolerate mountain slopes or sloppy lands. Sow Safed musli seeds on raised beds of 1.

Application of Bavistin solution 1g in 1 litre of water at the interval of 25 days is given twice to control red spot. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Cultivatioon email address will not be published.


Department of Agriculture 3.

To make the soil rich in organic matter, apply well decomposed cow dung along with other green manures. Major diseases found in safed musli cultivation are: Remove any weeds from previously cultivated crops. The quantity of cow-dung should be 20 to 25 tonnes per 1 hectare land or 5 to 6 trolleys of cow-dung manure per acre should be applied.

Soil Requirement for Safed Musli Ccultivation If you are planning for large scale or commercial cultivation of musli, soil test needs to be carried out to find out the soil health and it provides the opportunity to supplement the soil with deficient micro-nutrients. Make sure to the soil to fine tilth stage. Tuberous root is used in ayurvedic medicin. Irrigation in Safed Musli Cultivation: Do frequent weeding, hoeing and earthing up and keep field weed free till 3 months.

Basically this plant is found in forest areas. One to two weeding-cum-hoeings are needed to keep the soil porous and free of weedy growth. Majority of respondents of both the categories had moderate attitude and there was found to be significant difference between tribals and non-tribals regarding their attitude towards improved cultivation od safed musli. The total respondents 80 tribals, and 40 non-tribals who grow safed musli were available in Jhodal panchayat samiti.

Pest and their control: