Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade –This epic fantasy has at its center a Book 1 of 3 in The Icemark Chronicles (3 Book Series). The Cry of The Icemark is the first novel in the Icemark Trilogy. It follows Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, the year old heir to the throne of. Philip Ardagh gets caught up in Stuart Hill’s epic fantasy, The Cry of the Icemark.

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Many battle scenes in fantasy books leave you lost so you end up gathering details like ice,ark got killed and so forth rather than being able to see what actually happened.

While the book was a little slow in reaching its climax, I wa I love fantasy books and this one definitely delivered on the goods. On the advice icemmark King Grishmak of the werewolves, Thirrin and Oskan travel to the Hub of the World, to try to ally themselves with the Snow Leopards, led by Tharaman-Thar, who live there.

Definitely fun to read, definitely good, definitely not the first time someone has told this story, but it was enjoyable to go to a new place.

Hill’s writing is never over-earnest. It was definitely a five star listen for this reader.

Aug 28, Derrek Kemper rated it it was amazing. She’s very strong and the kind of leader you want to have when you are facing a mammoth invading force who wants to wipe your people off the face of the earth. Instead, she is a mini-clone of her father.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. What is the reading order for this series? No one stands up to her and she came off as more of a huge bully than a young leader of a crg. Return to Book Page. The plot moves from one predictable event to another, and the characters are characterless pawns on a chessboard with a set game.


Review: The Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill | Books | The Guardian

Protagonist is a tomboyish princess with a male witch love interest. The Polypontian army is split into divisions, each with its own color. Foreign rights have been sold to over 14 countries, and Fox have bought the movie rights. To top it all off, this author writes with the verbal capacity of a year-old emulating Tolkien and manages to make even battle scenes tedious and boring.

That’s why I’m giving this five stars! Rereading it now, I feel the same wonder I remember in the world of the Icemark.

Therrin is an amazing soldier and everyone defers to I demoted this to two stars. Basilea Elymnestra is a fun character and the view spoiler [ last stand hide spoiler ] of the Hypolitan was epicly tragic. Had I read it at my sons age I too would have loved it. Stettafire It hasn’t really got much in common with Game of Thrones other then being both set in a medieval fantasy world.


Not a good family read aloud. There were other parts like that. With their numbers, and the sheer terror they inflict, the battle turns into a rout. I was stunned to learn Stuart Hill had written more He tje between characters without being obnoxious – so it’s third person, but, in a good way.

thr Major points scored for Stuart Hill and other male authors who write such strong roles for women. Recommend this for a fun read, for sure.

But since this book is a lesson on courage and bravery, my girl, Thirrin takes it all in stride. Also, I give it a 10 out of 10 because the characters in the book just flow right into the plot with the cyr of war coming the new young queen Thirrin seeks out to find allies that with help them in the upcoming war between her and the General of the Polypontian Empire Scipio Bellorum.


Published April 1st by Scholastic Paperbacks first published January 3rd Cry of the Icemark was a stirring military fantasy adventure.

The Cry of the Icemark – Wikipedia

However, all such things cannot save a plot as thin as the most luxurious vellum, or characters that are as bland as it gets. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It was a nice change to read a book where the main character is not only a young female but one who is genuinely tough and who when forced to lead a nation does so from the front without having to ever become a victim or use her wily womanly charms.

And I love the Hypolitan women and their society in which the roles between men and women are completely reversed! The characters are flat, bland, entirely undeveloped and unoriginal, and half of them can’t seem to decide what sort of overall voice they will have in the entire book. I’m not so sure, but the five-star reviews from young readers show that the book is appreciated and even loved. Along with their fierce nature, there were elements of their rich sense of family and tradition, many aspects that would have been destroyed or wiped away by the Polipontans, who cared nothing for other cultures, only the assimilation of their lands and raw resources.

Bellorum and other top army officials escape.