Odontomas are hamartomatous lesions composed of mature enamel, dentin, and pulp, and may be compound or complex depending on the extent of. This article presents surgical management of excision complex odontoma in year-old female patient followed with prosthetic rehabilitation. An odontoma (also termed odontome) is a benign tumour of odontogenic origin Specifically, it A compound odontoma still has the three separate dental tissues (enamel, dentin and cementum), but may present a lobulated appearance.

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Multiple Extensive Complex Odontomas of the Jaws. Support Center Support Center.

The second type of WHO Histologic typing of odontogenic tumors classifies odontomas under the broad category of tumors containing the odontogenic epithelium with odontogenic ectomesenchyme, with or without dental hard tissue formation. Histopathologically, complex odontomas are often spherical in shape and consist primarily of a disordered mixture of odontogenic tissues. Specimen after surgical removal Click here to view. Patient mit knochendichter Verschattung im Sinus maxillaris.

Gardner oeontoma familial colorectal polyposis Otodental syndrome Multiple comppex teeth similar radiographic appearance can occur as a component of cleidocranial dysostosis or arise in non syndromic setting.

A histopathological examination of the soft tissue mass that was attached to the hard tissue showed the presence of connective tissue, comprised mainly of acute odontomaa chronic inflammatory cells, and numerous dilated vascular spaces with red blood cells interspersed between mature collagen fibres.

Science and Education Publishing

Mixed odontogenic tumors and odontomas. The patient had undergone an uneventful extraction of two teeth in that region 4 years before. Mosby-Year Book Inc; Compound odontomas odonyoma a predilection for the anterior maxilla, while complex odontomas are typically found in the posterior mandibular region as seen in the present case. Clusters of eosinophilic ghost cells were seen suggestive of complex odontoma which confirmed the diagnosis.


Soukup Journal of Veterinary Dentistry. A 7-year follow up showed that the bone healing was uneventful and no abnormality of symphysis development compoex observed.

Mucoperiosteal flap was closed with interrupted stitches. Although benign and least known for aggressive compoex, rarely odontomas may display unusual characteristics such as extensive size and multiple lesions. Laterally, the lesion extended into the buccal vestibule causing vestibular obliteration.

Giant complex odontoma of the anterior mandible: report of case with long follow up

Review of the literature and presentation of cases. Generally odontomas are small in size; however, occasionally they may grow large enough so as to cause bony expansion as seen in our case. Siva Prasad Reddy et al. Excised specimen measuring 3×4 cm Figure 3 b: Various factors such as prior trauma and infection appear to be involved, however, the exact etiology of odontoma formation is not known.

Intraoral approach to expose the lesion Click here to view. Depois de sete anos de seguimento todos os dentes se encontram erupcionados e o osso mandibular totalmente curado. After 7 years of follow up, only little alterations in bone anatomy and tooth positions odlntoma be observed, reflecting the good prognosis associated with this lesion. Six-month postoperative orthopantomograph revealed complete bony healing without any recurrence.

Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; J Oral Maxillofac Pathol ; Complwx complex odontoma consists of a conglomerate mass of enamel and dentin, which bears no anatomic resemblance to a tooth.

Based on the degree of morphodifferentiation or on the basis of their resemblance to normal teeth, they are divided into compound and complex odontomas. Very few cases of multiple complex odontomas have been reported so far. Tejasvi A, Balaji M. Compplex of the epidemiology complec clinical manifestations of odontomas.

Pathology Outlines – Odontoma

His father gave history of trauma to the patient at the age of 5 years following which he lost his upper and lower anterior teeth. Microscopic examination showed a grid of tubular dentin with holes containing enamel matrix and epithelium, dental pulp and, sometimes, cementum and a middle cellular conjunctive stroma.

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Grossly, the specimen showed a lobulated, yellowish-white, large, hard tissue mass, measuring 4. How to cite this article. Extensive complex odontoma in the maxillary sinus: Large erupting complex odontoma in a dentigerous cyst removed by a piecemeal resection. The clinical signs, indicative of odontomas include retained deciduous tooth, missing or impacted teeth [ 10 ].

Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer. An incisional biopsy was carried out and a histological diagnosis of complex odontoma was suggested.

Open in a separate window. Ann Maxillofac Surg ; 2: In the initial stage, there is lack of calcification of the dental tissues making it to appear radiolucent. Case Reports in Dentistry. OPG and CT scans were advised. On palpation there was vestibular tenderness in relation to right mandibular first molar and palpable sharp point distal to the first molar.

A Textbook of Oral Pathology. Although odontomas are common odontogenic tumors; multiple odontomas occur rarely in humans, particularly in association with some systemic syndromes such as familial adenomatosis polyposis [ 11 ].

Gorlin syndrome, also known as nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome, is associated with basal cell carcinomas, odontogenic keratocysts and fibromas ovarian and heart. After complete excision defect was curetted, irrigated, BIPPS pack was placed and primary suturing was done leaving behind a small window to remove the pack during post operative follow up.

Unerupted maxillary primary canine associated with compound composite odontoma.