COMNAVAIRFORINST C. 15 Jan 1-i. CHAPTER 1. Introduction and Guide for Using the Naval Aviation Maintenance. Program (NAMP) Instruction. comnavairforinst pdf – mishmatch – download comnavairforinst these files are related to comnavairforinst comnavairforinst – pdf. COMNAVAIRFORINST A. Supply Operations Manual (SOM) Ashore. COMNAVAIRFORINST B COMNAVAIRFORINST A.

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Comnavairforinst 8380 2

Supply officers or Material Control officers of aviation activities shall be responsible for flight packets for issue to pilots making extended flights. The full name of the contractor. A number of MESM items are identified at the subsystem level, not by exact equipment designation. The phase inspection supervisor and representatives from QA, Material Control, and all applicable work centers shall attend the meeting. ZQ9 will not be assigned for material required for engines being repaired for bare firewalls, see Project Code ZC8.

Additional personnel may be authorized to sign aircraft logbooks and records if they have been designated in writing to do so by one of the personnel listed above. QA will monitor to determine if: All aircraft logbook forms and records are purged per guidance provided for maintenance of each form and record.

Chapter 5 – NAVAIR

Plant layout, communication requirements, and workload cmonavairforinst the method of control, centralized or decentralized, that may be used.

Additional parts requirements shall be submitted via a BA Addendum Figures and and should be annotated on Aircraft Material Conmavairforinst Report.

When the second subsequent transfer has been recorded on the new forms the superseded forms may then be destroyed. Also included in comnafairforinst logbook, in the appropriate sections, is a record of maintenance directives affecting the aircraft, its components, and accessories. This form Figure is designed to permit the monthly compilation of significant flight operational data throughout the service life of an aircraft. This inspection is performed at the time a reporting custodian receives an aircraft back from on-site standard and special rework.

SE, AWSE, and WHE preservation is designed to protect the material condition of equipment which is not expected to be used for extended periods of time. This page is a permanent part of the logbook. Dehumidification Level III is the preferred method of preservation.



An FCF is not required for aircraft transfer. Components or assemblies requiring SRC cards or ASRs shall be inventoried comnavairfroinst phased inspection for the applicable equipment being inspected. Operational commander deferral of scheduled maintenance during combat should not exceed one interval of that maintenance event. The Joint Strike Fighter JSF delivery procedure eliminates the requirement for configuration verification during acceptance inspection when received from the factory.

Sufficient quantities of raw materials shall be strategically prepositioned to ensure that battle group requirements can be met in a timely manner. If more than reports are generated in a calendar ocmnavairforinst start over with sequence number In instances where a transfer inspection is not required, the reporting custodian may elect to conduct a transfer inspection if deemed by the MO as a prerequisite to transfer.

Operating resources identified by subhead are allocated by CNO to the major claimants, for example, the Commander U. All aircraft that have completed standard rework will be functionally checked in flight. Costs incurred for IMRL repair.

It is desired AIRs be unclassified. An aircraft logbook will be maintained by reporting or physical comnavairfoeinst on all naval aircraft. When components are shipped between activities, the following procedures shall be followed: Commands will assess the effectiveness of their cannibalization by tracking related measurements, such as material availability rate, A rate, I-level TAT, supply response time, cannibalization per sorties, and average maintenance man-hours per cannibalization.

Services, comnavairfoorinst as printing and office equipment maintenance. Corrective tape and correction fluid are not authorized for use on logbooks or records. Additional views, xomnavairforinst as the plan view of a wing, may be shown as desired. Also, if a Bedini pulse-charging circuit were connected to a water-splitting cell like the Lawton cell, When check, test, or repair comnavvairforinst does not exist, components shall be shipped to the designated support point or DRP via the ATAC Program within two working days after screening.

Enter the applicable part number, nomenclature, and AFC s. Authorized decals used on aircraft. When an aircraft returns to the reporting custodian upon completion of standard rework, the new base date for those special inspections performed as part of standard rework will be the date the aircraft completed rework. Maintenance Control must verify the QASO inspection comnavairfornst been completed prior to certifying the aircraft safe for 88380.1.


In the areas of accurate MDS and flight data, the analyst is the one individual within the activity who can either prove or disprove the justification for manpower increases and decreases. Inspections based on less than hour intervals are not required to be logged in the AESR until the aircraft is transferred or an AESR tracked component is removed and turned in for repair, in which case the most recent inspections performed of each type and interval and the component hours must be logged.

A GB requisition series should only be used with ZF7 project code. The transaction report TR will be signed in block 28f by receiving personnel to document SE return. Refer to, paragraph The inspection is accomplished on installed engines using a bore scope or other inspection aids as directed in the applicable aircraft phase MRCs. Enter grade and quantity of fuel.

Accomplishment of a complete turnaround inspection is not required between repetitive flight evolutions interspersed with brief periods, such comnavairforinsf passenger or cargo stops, hot seating, hot refueling, or short interruptions for adjustments during helicopter FCFs. After all flight hour limited items have been entered, skip one line and type “Calendar Time”, then list all applicable calendar time limited items. After the initial QASO certification, subsequent QASO certification is not required for hot seat crew change or during cross country flights as long as no change in AAS, comanvairforinst, or counter measures configuration occurs.

It is imperative the analyst receive the complete support of the MO, division officers, and work center supervisors. Items consumed in interim packaging and preservation of aviation fleet maintenance repairables. Completion of all required phases at their specified intervals completes the phase inspection cycle. Material management involves a direct relationship between the two complex operations of. A joint comnavairforinnst and receiving personnel preoperational inspection shall be xomnavairforinst, using the applicable MRCs, prior to issue.