please we need a comet , with a bore of 3/4some team that want to sell the cvt please contact methanks. Hi, I am a team member of ‘Team IIT Delhi Mini Baja. I want to know the reduction of Comet at RPM, which should not be If you got your comet clutches from Roy at QDS, they are tuned for the 10HP Briggs engine. If you couldn’t get it into the overdrive ratios you.

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Now my question is: Calculating the full engagement point wasn’t really a priority.

The old polished turd build running the old crusty comet ? This page was last updated: This would be very bad. Also, when the primary is fully shifted in, you will not be shifted fully out on your secondary, taking away from your High Ratio.

Comet Clutch

Yeah, the new car was Gaged. We have 3 pressure springs and 1 set of weights which we got from CVTech. Introduction Go kart torque converters are cvt transmission systems for go karts, minibikes,small vehicles ,jr, drafster, golf karts,odyssey,snowmobiles,atvs,lawn equipment,industrial,winch and more I am attaching some photos of the CVT, can anybody tell me something about it? Universidade de Sao Paulo.

Comet Model Low 3. Thats the main reason i really like the CVTech this year, it really enables you to explore a bit in terms of acceleration and top speed. Univ of Maryland – Baltimore County. If it is so then how our vehicle start moving. There is nothing to be gained by being at a lower rpm, the motor produces less power. The only i would see not to try it is the pretty extreme overdrive ratio but im pretty sure the guys at cvtech know what they are doing.


This kit will work on engines up to 11 horsepower. Weights, pressure springs are the two which I can identify at present. The headache is making it hook up to everything.

The driver mates right up to the Briggs, and the driven uses a key. If you are a new team, I would recommend trying to get a CVTech and working with that. There is a lot of custom machining required to mate the driver to the engine, and the driven requires splines.

Easy to install and super lon If the centrifugal clutch is broken or malfunctioned, you should change it with a new one without any delays. I can only imagine that running it substantially closer would enhance this problem and also delay shift out behavior and lengthen the amount of time the belt is slipping. In Oregon in 09, we changed 4 belts during endurance, melted the plastic friction pads in the secondary, and even heated up the secondary snap ring so hot it popped out of the groove and let the secondary back sheave grind into our gearbox.

Comet Clutch Refine Results. Our team works hard to find you the best deals and provide you with a wide selection of products. Hood, Flint, MI Status: This new clutch would Nicholas Lefebvre Universite Laval. Btw i went through the other threads regarding c-c distance but did not get what i was looking for. The first thing you should do is search the forum for other threads about clutch selection. Great replacement for Go Karts. The P90 is going to be a big headache, I promise.


Ok so see the post and if you have questions please let me know, I still find it pretty cool Anyways though I would like to take it step further, In the Aaens hand book the author discourages the use of an overdrive saying that they are not good for CVT’s. Typically as the saying goes “No one likes change” therefor you may find yourself at a cross roads per say in regards to how the site now looks and functions.

For the its comer. For the mm example, I would saw you want to be in the mm range. We usually respond within a few hours.

Comet Clutch | eBay

I have no experience with it. Instituto Maua de Tecnologia. Hopefully the manufacturer of your CVT provided you with some reference material that give you a table of different springs and where they engage at. My team has decided to go with CVT. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum. This means that your car will be at full power quicker, fomet will lead to faster acceleration.

There are like 4 driver and 4 driven pulleys. Results 1 to 3 of 3.